Busy Fingers And Lots Of Time

Now, I'm not an artist, but there are times when I get the itch to make something that isn't captured digitally, or created with yarns and threads. Sometimes, I feel like I need a pen paper, and maybe a paint brush. Or perhaps I want to try my hand at the stove and chopping board. When the mood strikes, I go all out trying different craft ideas and I would like you guys to join me when I do.

So, get those sketch pads out, those painting easels and and paints. Put on your aprons, and dust off those pots and pans. Gear up with those trowels and gardening gloves.

It's time to make something. I don't know what yet, but let's find out together.

Don't worry about making a mistake. Chances are, it adds a uniqueness to your art or you crafts piece. If anything, it might help you draw inspiration for other pieces that you'll make. Art is not like science, where everything has to be exact. It is art because it is unique. So celebrate the fact that you've created something new, even if others might think you're copying something else. It's new to you, and you can be proud of that.

Tip Of The Month

Image by Amauri Mejía

What's Cooking Up In The Kitchen?

So, I'm a little new to the whole experimenting on recipes and instructions, that's why you'll have to forgive me this time. The articles featured here are mostly reviews on experiences I've had, with all these different crafts I'll try my hand at.

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