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Ancient Egypt

The birthplace of ancient civilisation.

I have been in love with ancient Egypt nearly all my life. When I was first introduced to it back in primary school, I've always wanted to study the ancient culture. Now, I am, and with your help I could always learn something new.

So, in blog posts about this great race of people, I will explore the way the ancient Egyptians lived, died and reminded the world of their legacy. Join me on my education journey!

Ancient Greece

The father of democracy.

Actually, it's the father of the written word. Most of our knowledge of the ancient world come from the Greeks, since they're one of the very first civilisations to write down pretty much everything.

I am mostly fascinated by their myths and legends, particularly about their gods and goddesses, but that is something that will have to be addressed later, because that is pretty much an entire topic altogether.

Ancient Rome

The greatest empire in all of Europe.

Despite not having a rich history of artwork or texts, ancient Rome is another culture which caught my attention, even back in school. While the roots many of its religious traditions and its art stem from their neighbours, the Greeks, there's still something fascinating about the way they managed to conquer all of Europe.

Nobody said Rome was built in a day, but it sure did take a lot of countries with it, once it found its footing.