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If you're here, that means you've found yourself obsessed with K-Pop and K-Dramas. Well, here you go! We're learning how to speak the language, so we don't have to keep translating everything through Google or by asking someone who knows how to speak Korean! I mean, it would be so much easier right?

So, get those Korean dictionaries out, and those grammar books, because we'll be learning Korean, or as they say in the native tongue 한굴! Ok, so it's not that easy learning a language like this one, because you're going to have to try to translate the symbols into letters we already know about, but if you keep practicing and keep repeating the sounds to yourself, you'll eventually see the symbols as letters, rather than strange hieroglyphs that make no sense whatsoever.

That's why I recommend you guys to keep going back to the beginning, so you can remind yourself how to spell something or how a letter sounds.

Phrase/Word Of The Month

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Although Korean seems easy to learn, it's actually rather difficult to remember some of their words, since many sound similar, and have similar spelling. Luckily many of those words are actually imported ones from English, like many of our seasonal greetings, or brands and products. All you need to remember is the way in which they structure their sentences, because they're not like how we structure them in English!

Article Of The Month:

Small Street in Japan

The Korean Archives

It's always difficult, learning a new language, especially one that isn't Latin based. In fact, most Asian languages are hard, purely because of their writing styles, and I'm sure it's true the other way around.

So, let's keep revising, learn 한굴 together and memorise those pesky letters!


여려본 안녕하세요! If you can't read that, then you need this space! If you click the link below, you'll reach my little Dictionary Space! Now, granted I don't know many words in Korean, and I do get jumbled up sometimes, but after a year of practicing (on and off might I add), I do have some standard vocabulary in my bank of knowledge! So, if you're stuck, hang out with me here, in the Dictionary!

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