Phrase of the Month

¡Estoy muy bien!


"I am fine!"


It's one of the first languages I learned. In fact I'm more fluent in Spanish, than I am in my parents' native tongue (we're filipino). I can hold a basic conversation, but since it's not my first language, and I can't always remember the grammar rules.

So, I'm going to try and learn with you, and if you're brave enough, why don't you start a Spanish conversation with me? As part of the education process.

So, hola todos! Let's learn Spanish!

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I first became interested in the Korean language when I started watching the show Running Man. While I learned some Korean phrases like 어디에 (where) or 붜 (what) I didn't know what else they were talking about.


Every sentence they spoke seemed like one long word to me, and when BTS showed up at the AMAs I decided that I didn't want to just copy the sounds I heard, I wanted to learn Korean properly.

So here we are, let's start learning a language they don't teach at school!

Phrase of the Month

안녕히 계세요


"Goodbye" to someone who is staying where they are.


"Ann-yeong-hi gye-se-yo"

Phrase of the Month



"I am Japanese."

(There is a difference between "I am Japanese" and "I am from Japan". Do not mix the two.)

"Wa-ta-shi wa ni-hon-jin de-su"


I fell in love with the Japanese language when I was still at school, and I still am now. It's why I've finally decided to formally learn it.

Back when I was at school, I was a huge fan of anime, and Japanese dramas; I'm not now, but I still love the language. If possible, I'd like to know how to speak it properly, because I know the inflections and pitch of my voice determine the meaning of the words I'm speaking. So, if I ever do go to Japan, I won't have much problems speaking to the locals.

That's why we're learning one of the hardest languages to master.

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