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Hello Everyone!

Today, I’ve got something special! Ok, it’s another tutorial, but it’s not about a single stitch this time. We’ll be utilising some of the stitches we’ve already learned to make one of the easiest patterns in crochet. Now, what am I going to teach you?


Of course, it’s the world’s most famous, Granny Square! This is one of the staples in crochet, and if you can get this done right, you can pretty much make anything. From scarves to blankets, from cushion covers to bags, you name it! The granny square is a versatile pattern and can be used in almost anything. As long as you know how to make them, how to sew the squares together, and basically create the shape of your piece, you’re good to go!


What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Go!

Hang on! There are a few things you need to remember, or at least know before we get started! What I mean is that the size and the gauge of this pattern aren’t important (said no one ever…but I’m serious, y’all are beginners, so it really isn’t important). What is important is that you know how to make a Double Crochet, a Single Crochet, a Chain and how to Slip Stitch. If you don’t, then check out my previous posts, which are listed below.


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These are the ones you’ll need to see before we get started. So, if you clicked on this post, because you just wanted to learn how to crochet, that’s not good enough! Get onto these posts first, before learning how to make a Granny Square. I mean it! If you’re here and you already know how to do these stitches, then follow me!


Here We Go!

Are we ready? Do you have your yarn? Do you have your crochet hook? All right, let’s go!

First, Ch 4 and SL ST into the 4th Ch from your hook, to make a ring.




Ch 3, 2DC into the ring. *Ch 2 then 3DC into the ring**. Repeat from * to ** 2 more times. Now, you should have what looks like an incomplete cross.



All you need to do is Ch 2 and SL ST into the top of the Ch 3 you did at the beginning.



Do you see that chain at the top there? That’s where you SL ST.



Great! You just finished RND 1! Congratulations! Are you ready for some more? Let’s go!




First, let me point out where you need to start. You need to start in that Ch-2 space, in your first corner. Do you see it?



So, let’s make sure the loop on your hook is big enough to accommodate the 3DCs you have in that chunk in RND 1. Insert your hook into the Ch-2 space.



And complete the SL ST!



There, now we can begin RND 2 properly! So, Ch 3 and 2DC into the Ch-2 space.




Now here comes another tricky bit. Ch 2, and in the same Ch-2 space, 3DC, to make a corner!



So, you see where my hook is inserted here? That’s where you do the 3DCs. And you’re done.



Ok, so moving on, Ch 1and let’s do that again. First, 3DC in the Ch-2 space, and then Ch 2. 3DC again, and you’re done with this corner!



On a side note, I like to call these corners, the Granny Square Corner Stitch (or just Corner Stitch), because this is literally the thing that makes a granny square what it is. A square. So, if you see me say Corner Stitch, that’s what I mean.


So, now all you need to do is rinse and repeat: Ch 1 and Corner Stitch in the next Ch-2 space. Do this one more time, and you’ve got an almost complete square!



All you need to do now, is Ch 1 and SL ST into the top of the Ch 3, you made at the very beginning.



See that chain? SL ST into that chain and you’re done!




Do you see the pattern starting to take shape? Let’s do this round, and see if you can get what to do for the next RND. So, first of all, SL ST into the first Ch-2 space you made, and Corner Stitch into that space. Next, Ch 1, and in the first Ch-1 space you made, create a 3DC group. Not so bad huh?



Now, Ch 1 and Corner Stitch into the next Ch-2 space! I told you, this Granny Square pattern is easy!



All you have to do now is rinse and repeat! So, Ch 1, 3DC in the next Ch-1 space, Ch 1 again, and Corner Stitch! Do this once more, and you’re almost there. So, now, all you have left is that last Ch-1 space. You’ve guessed it! 3DC in that space, Ch 1 and SL ST into the top Ch of the Ch 3 you did at the beginning.



Now, you’ve got a Granny Square! How easy was that! Ok, so what about the next few rounds? Well, that’s easy, it’s literally a copy of RND 3, but with more 3DC groups, between the Corner Stitches.



Do you see what I mean? It’s not that hard, in fact, you could probably do it in your sleep if you practice them enough times. You can even make them as big as you want and make a blanket out of it! However, the most common Granny Squares are made up of 5 rounds, so it’s not so monotonous.


But Feather, How Do You Get Rid Of The Yarn?

That’s a good question, one I should have answered before. Ok. So, here’s how I get rid of the yarn, or as we professionals like to call it “Fasten Off”. What I do is start off by making a Ch.



I pull the yarn through, closing that chain as tightly as possible…



Feed the yarn back through, the tightened chain, until I can get the tightest loop possible, around my hook…



Cut off the yarn…




That way I don’t have too much to pull through. And I pull that yarn through, so it literally makes a knot.



After that, I weave it through the piece, or crochet over it, if I have to add more to the pattern, that way I don’t have trails of yarn poking out through my piece, making it look messy.



Now, here’s the last thing I’m going to show you before we end this post…



This is the back side of the Granny Square, or the Wrong Side (WS). Why am I showing this to you? First of all, in many crochet patterns, you get the standard “WS facing”, or “wrong side facing”, or the other way around “right side (RS) facing”. This means that the right side of the pattern should be facing you at this point, or the wrong side of the pattern is facing you. In terms of the Granny Square, the side we were working on, so the side that you saw throughout the tutorial is the Right Side of the pattern. So, the Wrong Side is in the picture just above.



Do you see the difference? Do you see how the pattern seems to be curving towards you, and instead of the lines of the stitches, you get the curl of the chains? Yeah, that’s what makes it the Wrong Side. It’s the underside or the back of the piece, which doesn’t usually look good if you’re laying it out on a piece of furniture or something.


Phew! I Need A Break!

Sure, no problem. I know it’s a lot to take in, and I’m pretty sure some of you are going to get confused. So, keep practising, and see if you can make the biggest Granny Square in the world!


Wow, we’ve really learned a lot today! We’ve learned how to make a Granny Square, we’ve learned how to Fasten Off a piece, and we’ve learned what the difference is between the Right Side and the Wrong Side of a pattern is! I’m bushed!

Woman Stretching


Well, then, I’ll leave it here for now! I’m sure you guys would want to try making that Granny Square again. If you don’t want the hustle and bustle of me talking in between the patterns. Download this PDF version, to see what a real Crochet Pattern looks like. I’ve thrown in a little surprise in there for you, for those of you who want a little more of a challenge. Don’t worry, I’ll cover that challenge for you next time when we create another Granny Square, but this time, it won’t be as simple.

Anyway, I’ll see you guys then! Oh, and don’t forget to like, subscribe and follow, for the latest updates and the newest posts here on Feather’s Charm, and on my social media accounts! And don’t forget to share these posts with your family and friends, especially those who you think might like to read something like this! In the meantime, I hope you guys keep practising!


With love,

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