A Bittersweet Endgame

Updated: Jun 17


I really don’t want to do this review, purely because it means the end of an era, and in all honesty, I don’t know if I should spoil anything for anyone. So, in the light, I warn you, if you have not seen Avengers: Endgame


If you’ve stayed behind to read my review, then you’ve probably seen it, or don’t care that I’ll spoil it for you, in which case don’t say I didn’t warn you!

I Love You 3000

I don’t think there will ever be a more iconic phrase than this. If you don’t already know, “I love you 3000” is what Morgan Stark, Tony and Pepper’s daughter, says to him, the night Tony figures out the formula for time travel. That’s right! Tony and Pepper have a daughter! It was coming, we all knew it!

Yes, Endgame is all about time travel. No, it’s not like the regular time travel conundrums that we’ve encountered before. To take a line from the film, “Back To The Future has been lying to you all these years, because that’s not how time travel works”.

So, for those not in the know, the film deals with the aftermath of “The Snap”, and honestly, I thought it’d be an instant reaction kind of thing. Of course, they do give us that, and it is actually a great anti-climax at the beginning of the film. Truth be told, when does anything remotely good ever come right after something terrible has happened. Usually it takes time, not just for you to heal, but to learn from it.

For example, when a natural disaster affects your home, your lives and the lives of your family members, you can’t just reach into your pocket and build yourselves a home again, complete with the knick-knacks and memories you’d created with the old house. It takes months, even years to get back the life you lost, and even then, it’s not completely “back to normal”.

That’s what Endgame did for pretty much everyone who watched it. I guess, one of the lessons I’d learned was that instant gratification is not always the best thing. Sometimes time is.


Speaking of time, as I said, Endgame deals with time travel, and it’s not the conventional type. While a lot of films have dealt with it, dealing with it in the MCU and in other forms is very tricky. It’s a great plot twister, and I’m game for it, I mean who wouldn’t be? Going back in time to redo a mistake you made, to make it an achievement or make it so it never happened.

Now, scientifically speaking, if you change anything in the past, then everything in your future must change with it, unless whatever it is you changed actually doesn’t change anything at all. So, in theory, when the Avengers took the Infinity Stones out of their original time, to use in theirs, they needed to put them back the exact same time they took them.

So, they’re not wrong, when they say that their time travel adventures were different to that of other time travel films. In a nutshell, the Avengers’ timelines can’t be changed, even if they go back in time and alter the past, even just a little, because their past already happened, and there’s no going back. So, what happened to the past that they changed?

That’s a good question. From reading a few articles about the possibility of time travel, and the whole hoopla that comes with it, there are many things that have sprung from their interference. One, they definitely changed the timelines for their past selves. As I said before, this doesn’t change their personal timelines, but instead created alternate timelines. Basically, they caused parallel realities from jumping back in time.

Two, because of these parallel realities, there is definitely room for the original Avengers to come back, maybe not as they were, or for very long, but if Chris Evans, Scarlet Johansson and Robert Downey Junior decided to come back for one last cameo, they are very well within their right to (even if they don’t actually want to anymore).

Three, if these parallel realities ever come into play, that means then a bigger bad might come along and force every one of the new Avengers team to do something even more drastic than time travel. What’s more drastic than time travel? Maybe blowing up the planet, like Thor did with Asgard, but on a bigger scale? Who knows?

The end result is that, regardless of their actions in their reality, they’ve definitely created branches of other ones, where it’s possible they survived the first time, or they didn’t need to face Thanos at all (because he’d jumped into the current timeline of the Avengers, and died there), or even Loki survived through it all? Yeah, that one got me too.

Whatever the case, the deed is done, and a new chapter in the Marvel universe has begun.

Ok, Fan Review Time

That was a lot of science talk, there, so let’s get back to the film part. First off, I want to say that I absolutely bawled when Nat, Tony and Steve died. I think, a part of me died with them, because they were really what kept the Avengers together. I mean, I always thought Nat was like the mom of the team, while Steve was the dad, and Tony was the misbehaving uncle.

Regardless of any romantic relationship between any of them. I always thought, no matter what an Avenger did, they’d always look to all three of them for approval. Nat would be the voice of reason, and the one who’d clean up their mess. Steve would be the one they’d go to when they’d need comforting after being scolded by Nat, and Tony…would be the one who’d encourage them to make the mess in the first place. It’s like a dysfunctional family if you ask me.

I’m sad to see them go, but I also commend them for their hard work, and actually give Johansson, Evans and Downey my greatest respect, because working at well-known franchise for more than a decade takes dedication and resilience. So, hats off to you guys for making these characters no longer characters, but people, in the eyes of so many.

A Filmmaker's Eye

I don’t really have much else to say, in terms of the production aspect. I mean, what can I say. It’s a high value production, so you’re bound to get the best equipment and the best people for the job, so regardless of what my critical eye says, there really isn’t much wrong with the film.

The only thing I will say, however, is the plotline went very off kilter. I mean, it’s out there, even for a Marvel film. If you think about it, they’d always kept the plot linear, regardless of the nods to the past, there was always a set line the films would take, but this one just turned it all on its head.

I mean, I’d expected them to use other means to save the world, like I don’t know, find a different means to undo The Snap, through one of the other worlds Captain Marvel had encountered, or re-forge the Infinity Stones, somehow through their powers combined…there were other options, but time travel? I mean it’s probably the one that made most sense, but still…it’s almost like they wanted to lose credibility in themselves, just so they could move on.

It was a little lopsided to me, and I think they could have done better, but hey, I really shouldn’t be one to judge, after all, I’m not a world-renowned filmmaker, so I don’t have any credibility anyway.

Going back to Captain Marvel, I really think they should have done something with her, other than using her as a distraction for Thanos, while the new Infinity Gauntlet was being passed around like hot potato.

Honestly, I’d thought she’d feature in this more, along with the new Avengers, like T’challa, Parker, Strange, Wong, Wanda, Quill, and the rest of them. I know this was really an homage to the originals, but it really should have been a “passing on the torch” kind of deal, rather than looking back at their past. I mean this was a great opportunity for that, and I feel like they just skimmed the top off it, because they were more focused on saying good bye. It’s not a bad thing, but it doesn’t give us, as an audience, any clue as to whether or not the new team would work together as well as the last one did.

That’s just my personal preference, but even so, I still loved the film, and I still would recommend you watch it, and I’ll probably go back to the cinema to re-watch it, to see if I’d missed anything the first time. So, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry that I spoiled the major plot, but I did have my wits about me, so I didn’t ruin too much of it, and I hope you don’t hate me for that.

Well, that’s it from me today. I’m going to go cry in my pillow now, because I just remembered every detail of Nat’s and Tony’s death scenes, and that just absolutely crushed me. So, I’ll see you guys the next time I “assemble” (see what I did there?) another review.

With love,

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