A Lake Kind Of Day

Updated: Jan 29

Hello Everyone!

I just came by to say hi. It’s been a while. I’m finally getting back into the swing of things, so instead of hiding behind excuses now, I’m going to just start this post.

So, where do I begin? I decided to finally go and visit the lakes that are close to where I live. If you’re ever in the Heathrow area, why don’t you stop by the Bedfont Lakes. It’s very beautiful, especially, if you’re going on a sunny day. That’s what I did.

Why did I go? I visited the lakes because lately, I’ve been so caught up in the polluted air of the city, I needed to go and enjoy nature for a while. It would have been better if I lived near a mountain, or at least a few hills, but I had to content myself with the flat lands, or mostly flat lands, of Bedfont Lakes.

Now, I may not be an advocate of environment conservation, or as fanatic as some people are, but I really do want to help do my part to save the world we live in. After all, we’ve only got the one and we all have a duty to take care of it. That’s why I went to the lakes, I wanted to get back in touch with nature, and even if it’s in the middle of a city, it’s still a green space, where the local fauna can survive and thrive.