Story Snips - A Mysterious Noise

Updated: Jan 15

Hello Everyone!

Today's post is a story snippet this time. I gave myself 20 minutes to write a short story, but in the end I couldn't finish it, so I thought, might as well make it a snippet. At least, someone could finish it and actually make it better. Now, it's a long snippet, because I had 20 minutes, and I thought "might as well do some exposure". Many times, I've used dialogue as a prompt to writing stories and all that, so I decided to use a different method.

Like I said, it's incomplete, but you can take it and make it your own, if you wanted. Just don't blame me if you decide to make it into an actual novel...Actually...please do! I'd love the credit!

So, without further ado, here's...

A Mysterious Noise

George was walking home from work, one night. His shift had dragged on longer than he’d cared to admit, but hey, at least he’d get paid the extra. It just meant that one penny closer to his goal. A brand spanking new phone that didn’t freeze, every time he tried to update his status on social media, or crash an app, every time he wanted to play one of those ridiculous time-wasting games. He’d finally get a decent phone, and maybe re-evaluate how to handle having friends. Sure, he had some college buddies he spoke to every now and then, but there wasn’t anyone he could really talk to, like they do in the movies. He didn’t have that spark with that one person he could pour his heart out to. No one really came close.

Sighing at the inevitability that he’d probably spend the rest of his life alone, he hurried along the dark street, watching his shadow shrink with each passing streetlamp. It was winter, and he could see his own breath in the air. It meant using whatever little he had left to buying presents for family members he didn’t even know or cared about. It meant spending time with people he didn’t know, just because his boss thought it would be a good idea to go to the Christmas party together, as a team. Apparently, it showed team-spirit if they did.