Another Common Granny

Updated: Mar 3

Hello Everyone!

The last time we spoke (last year), we started looking at creating a granny square, since it’s one of the most common patterns you’ll find in the world, and you could probably do them in your sleep. So, let’s look at another type of granny square, one that’s a little different and one that needs more thought than the last one.

So, in my last post, you’ll have seen the image above. Yes, we’re doing the second one, the one that looks like a sunflower, or a sun, or starburst, or whatever you want to call it. This one is also easy to create, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll be creating it everywhere, alongside the common Granny Square.

The Starburst Or Sunflower - You Pick

First off, if you need a refresher, you can take a look at how to make the common Granny Square, in my last post. Just click the link below.

Let’s Make Something

Ok, so let’s move on and take a look into how to make this type of Granny Square. Now call it what you want, a flower, a sunflower, a starburst, but it’s all the same. You start off with a circular pattern and as you move further out, you turn it into a square. How do you do that? Simple, you create enough DCs or SCs in the first to make a solid circle, then decrease the stitches by creating a Ch rather than another DC or SC. So, let’s take a closer look, shall we?

First, let's start with a Ch-4 ring. So, Ch 4 and SL ST into the 4th Ch from your hook.

Next, Ch 3 and DC 11 times into the ring, so you get 12 DCs in that ring, since the first Ch-3 counts as a DC.

SL ST into the top of the first Ch-3 you made.

With me so far? Good, let’s keep going.

Now, Ch 3 and DC in the same stitch as the Ch-3.

Here’s the important part, Ch 1 and 2DC in the next St.

Do this for the rest of the 10 St in the last round.

SL ST in the top of the Ch-3 you made at the beginning.

Are you guys still good? Let’s carry on.

So, we need to continue on, in one of the Ch-1 spaces we made in the last RND, because that’s the easiest place to start. Of course, we have to go over the DC we made. That’s why like in the common Granny Square, we SL ST into the space.

So, SL St into the Ch-1 space and 2DC in the same space.

Ch 1, and 3 DC in the next Ch-1 space.

Now, do the same thing for the rest of the Ch-1 spaces in the last RND, and SL ST into the top of the Ch-3 you did at the beginning.

Great! Again, we need to start in one of the Ch-1 spaces we made in the last RND, so SL ST into the next Ch-1 space, like you did in the last RND.

Are you getting the pattern? Ch 3 and 2DC into the same space. Ch 1 and 3DC into the next Ch-1 space.

Now, this is the tricky part, the part that you need to remember, to make a square.

Do you remember the Corner Stitch I told you about in the last post? This is where it comes in handy here. You need to Corner Stitch in the next Ch-1 space. If you can’t remember let me remind you.

First, you need to Ch 1, since we ended with 3DCs.

Next, 3DC, Ch 2 and 3DC into the next space. So, you should have a very tight V shape there. Do you see the corner starting to take shape?

Ok, so carry on in that way. Basically, you need 2 3DC groups, before you create the Corner. So, (Ch 1, 3DC in the next space) twice. Ch 1, and Corner Stitch in the next space!

Keep going and when you’ve made your 4th Corner Stitch, all you need to do now is Ch 1 and SL ST into the top of the first Ch-3 you made!

Et voila! Your circle has now become a square! Easy right? Ok, so maybe not so easy, but that’s why despite being common, not many remember how to make it, and use other methods to create it, but those ones are with stitches I’ve yet to teach you.

Anyway, your Granny Square looks a little wonky, right? With the sides of the circle pointing out. To offset this, just create another RND, like you do with the regular Granny Square.

And there you have it, the sunflower, flower, starburst, sunburst or whatever you want to call it Granny Square!