Anxiety - The Bane Of Productivity

Updated: Jan 18

Hello Everyone!

It’s freestyle time! I both love and dread these posts, because I don’t usually spout off whatever I think, in my posts, anymore. I’ve now got a standard layout that I use for all my other posts. So, these ones are great, and terrible, because I sometimes run out of things to say…and that is a great example of what I mean, when I say anxiety is the bane of productivity.

A lot of the time, when I write posts, and I mean any of my posts, I get pretty anxious about the amount of time I spend on them, because I feel like I waste time, while I write them…since I play on my games, or watch a TV show, while I do it. Of course, when I feel too distracted, I turn everything off and try to focus, but my mind wanders!