Anxiety - The Bane Of Productivity

Updated: Jan 18

Hello Everyone!

It’s freestyle time! I both love and dread these posts, because I don’t usually spout off whatever I think, in my posts, anymore. I’ve now got a standard layout that I use for all my other posts. So, these ones are great, and terrible, because I sometimes run out of things to say…and that is a great example of what I mean, when I say anxiety is the bane of productivity.

A lot of the time, when I write posts, and I mean any of my posts, I get pretty anxious about the amount of time I spend on them, because I feel like I waste time, while I write them…since I play on my games, or watch a TV show, while I do it. Of course, when I feel too distracted, I turn everything off and try to focus, but my mind wanders!

The thing is, I don’t have to worry about it, because I do have plenty of time to write them, and most of the time, I write them long enough, so you don’t spend too much time reading them. That is why, every now and then, I have to audibly tell myself, “No, calm down. You can afford to waste this time,” and that’s why I say it to you too, because believe it or not, I know you get anxious too.

Don’t Tell Me To Calm Down!

I have this problem too. No matter how many people tell me to calm down, or how many times they have to tell me, my mind automatically goes back into panic mode, because I’ve made up as many worst scenario situations as possible in my head, and I almost start believing they’ll happen.

For example, I’ve started taking my driving lessons. Now, not many people know this, apart from my family, I’m not very keen on driving. I get nervous every time I think about having to take to the roads, and going at speeds that is not humanly possible, by foot. So, every time I wait for my instructor to pick me up, I start to silently panic, because I know I’m going to have to get behind that wheel and learn.

Here’s where the anxiety kicks in, and where I have to physically shake myself, so that I don’t actually worry too much, when I am behind that wheel, but it’s not over. You see, during these lessons, I actually feel the pressure from other drivers. I know that I’m keeping to the speed limits, and holding up traffic, because I’m the learner who’s forcing everyone to go at their speed (I know you experienced drivers say that about me!). I also feel anxious about learning quickly, because I’m the type to want to already know how to do something, so that I can do things my way, and every time I start to worry, my instructor has to tell me to slow down, and I don’t mean in terms of my speed.

That’s why it’s so important that I find that right headspace, where I do calm down, especially when I do start feeling panicked. What calms me down are my craft projects that I do, in my spare time. You know, the knitting, crochet, cross stitch, etc. Those are things that help me calm down. Some might say, try meditation, or yoga. I do those too, but those are more for a spiritual calming. My crafts help me to calm my mental state, before I can actually resume what I was doing.

So, instead of saying to yourself, “calm down”, why don’t you try doing something, before doing something that elevates your anxiety levels. You can meditate or do yoga; you can do some crafts, like I do, or try your hand at art; or if you're really stuck for ideas, work out, go to the gym and sweat out that anxiety. Find an activity that's therapeutic, that lets your mind focus on the task you're doing and not on the project or challenge you're facing, because I promise you, it’ll keep you level-headed when the time comes, to go back to it.

Take A Break!

If you can, take a break during that challenge or project, because keeping your mind and your energy on whatever it is you're doing will drain you. Trust me, I know. As a filmmaker, I’m spending time on projects, and worrying about deadlines and budgets, and on how many people we need to get the shoot started and all those extra minute details. So, my anxiety level is always high, especially when we’re close to starting a shoot. My mind always pictures the worst happening, and I’m trying to figure out how to solve it.

The instant I start, I force myself to take a break. It doesn’t have to be too long; 20 minutes will do. Just step away from your project, or challenge, and take a breather. You don’t have to talk to anyone, just sit somewhere quiet, somewhere with good ventilation, or outside, and take a few breaths. Just focus on breathing in and out, and you’ll find yourself much calmer than before, and much more focused.

Now, I’m not telling you to take these breaks, because all those great psychologists and scientists tell you it’s a good idea (although it is scientifically proven that taking a break does help productivity and focus); I’m telling you because I’ve experienced it more times than I can count. Like during one of my driving lesson, I had to stop, because I was making so many mistakes, and panicking about them. During one of my earlier film shoots, at university, I had to physically step outside, because I was getting too frustrated by the lack of unity I had with my team.

It isn’t a good thing when you get to that point, when your emotions start running wild, and you are forced by others to take a break. You need to anticipate that situation. When you do feel your anxiety levels rising, force yourself to take a break. If you’re working in a team, chances are someone will take over your work, while you calm yourself down. If you’re on your own, it’s not going anywhere, and you don’t always have to watch over your project or task 24/7.

Life Is A Lesson We All Must Learn

Of course, some of you are in those jobs and situations, where you would have to watch over a task or project, the entire time, and if you are, ask yourself why you’re there. Is it worth it? If it isn’t, why are you still there? If your job is highly stressful, and you get anxious easily, quit!

I know it isn’t easy nowadays, and it’s highly unlikely you’ll get another job, as good as that one, but that doesn’t mean, you won’t get one eventually. I mean, you could go in a different direction altogether! Start your own business, freelance for a creative industry, volunteer for a charity. There is so much you could do, to go in a different direction, from what you did before. It’s not like, the world is closed off to you, because you quit your job.

The opportunity to grow, and become a better version of yourself, is out there. You just need to look carefully. Like I said before, life is a lesson that everyone has to learn, and whether we do or not, depends on how we live it.

Let’s Learn This Lesson Together

I hope I’ve given some good advice, because I know I need it myself, sometimes, and I hope you guys can try practicing these hobbies, because I know they work. So, if you do, let me know what kind of hobbies you’ve started up, or if you have any other piece of advice you’d like to share.

Well, that’s it from me today! I’ll see you all next time! Oh, and don’t forget to like, subscribe and follow both this website, and my social media accounts, for more updates and the latest posts, and don’t forget to share them with your family and friends, if you think they’d be interested!

With love,

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