Beginner's Bakes

Updated: Mar 30

Hello Everyone!

Ok, so I have a new job now, as a barista, which will actually change in about a month. So, I’ll be behind a desk instead of actually on my feet (THANK GOD! My feet die every day because they’ve been so abused!). That means I have time now to learn how to cook and bake! Yes, I don’t actually know how to cook a lot of meals, but that’s only because I live in my parents’ house, so I get free meals!

However, there will come a time where I will have to cook for myself (eventually). So, I think it’s time I prepared for that, now that I’m no longer working two jobs that absolutely exhaust me, to the point where I can’t even think at the end of the day. That’s why I’m starting this post on a baker’s high.

I’ll be writing about a recipe I found on the internet and tried. We’ll see if by the end of the post you’ll want to try it to!

The Bakery Is Open

This week, I baked a very classically British afternoon tea snack…or dessert…either name, it’s the same thing, and it is the perfe