Bobbles Everywhere

Updated: May 20

Hello Everyone!

So, we’re walking away from the Granny Squares for now, because there are so many variations you could do, and to be honest, I haven’t recently had any time to actually take up my hooks and needles to really dig deep into a pattern. That’s why, today I’m giving you another stitch tutorial! This time, I’m going to use the standard instructions you get in regular patterns, first. That way, for those of you who already know how to crochet, it’s as simple as a twist of a finger.

For those of you who are still trying to get into the know-how of crochet, don’t worry, keep scrolling and I’ll provide all those pictures you need when you’re starting. That way, you have a visual guide as well. So, let’s not dawdle any longer! Pick up that yarn and hook, and let’s get started!

The Bobble Head!

Alright, here you go, for all you crochet masters out there, this one’s for you! Now, depending on your pattern, you’re either working with SCs or DCs. For this tutorial, we’ll be using DCs, since they’re the more common stitches in Bobble stitches, but I’ll do an SC one in pattern form, later. So, let’s start!

Foundation Chain: Ch an even number of Sts.

Row 1: SC from 2nd Ch from hook and to the end. Turn.

Row 2: (BOBBLES!!!)

Ch 3.

  • *(BOBBLE TIME!) In next St, work the first half of a DC 5 times.

  • You should have 6 loops on your hook by the end.

  • YO and bring the yarn through all six loops.

SC in next St.**

Repeat from * to * to the second to last St, ending with a Bobble St.

DC in the last St.

You’re done! You’ve successfully created a row of Bobble Sts! Congratulations!

Did You Get All That?

Ok, so here’s the longer version for those of you who aren’t used to reading pattern scripts.

First off, start with a Foundation Chain of even numbers. I’ve done 20 stitches.

Now, from the 2nd chain away from the hook, Single Crochet to the end and turn it around! Easy right?

Next, we start getting into the juicy parts. Let’s start off by making a chain of 3. With me so far? Good!

In the next stitch (the one I’ve pointed to)…

Do the first half of a Double Crochet 5 times. So, let’s break this down. Yarn over (you should know what this is by now).

Insert the hook into the stitch.

Yarn over again.

Pull it through the stitch. Now, you have three loops. Still good? Let’s keep going.

Yarn over once more.

Pull through the FIRST 2 loops!

Now, this is the tricky part…DON’T FINISH THE DOUBLE CROCHET! What you do instead is yarn over…

Insert the hook into the SAME stitch…

Yarn over again…

And pull the yarn through the stitch again! Phew!

Let’s finish this! Yarn over one more time…

And pull through the FIRST 2 loops!

Let’s Take A Mini Break!

Ok, we’ve done the first 2 stitches in a bobble stitch, we have 3 more to go, but first, I want to point out that right now, you should have 3 loops on your hook right now. If you don’t, undo what you’ve done and read over my instructions again, SLOWLY, so you can fully understand what’s going on.

Alright, break over, let’s keep going! Yarn over!

Insert the hook into the SAME stitch as the previous 2 first-halves-of-a-double-crochet.

Yarn over again!

Pull it through the stitch.

Yarn over once more.

Pull it through the FIRST 2 loops!

That’s three down, 2 more to go! So, yarn over again!

Insert the hook into the SAME stitch…

Yarn over…

Pull it through…