Bullet Journals - Get Messy

Hello Everyone!

Let’s talk about bullet journals! Ok, so I’ve told you how to start, what to use a bullet journal for, and how to go about decorating it. Now, I’ll tell you one thing that I sometimes forget about myself. Get messy! That’s one thing about a bullet journal you can’t get with regular ones. With bullet journals you can get messy with the way it looks. You can put your tracker boxes wherever you want, and still keep track of your daily tasks on the same page. You can add extra windows and flaps, in case you run out of space, and you don’t have to be careful where you stick them.

Now yes, in most other journals you can do that too, but you’ll find that the margins in those books are rather small, and you’ll be blocking certain tracker boxes and dates, so you’ll either have to go over the bits you’ve taped over or glued over, or you’ll have to guess what date you’re on, by counting the boxes. Either way it’s messy, and not in the good way. That’s why, using a bullet journal can help with that creativity.

It Doesn’t Have To Be The Same