Bullet Journals - Organise Your Life

Updated: Jul 26

Hello Everyone!

I know I haven’t talked much about this recently, but that’s because I’ve spoken a lot about it in the past, and I wanted to take a little bit of a break from it so that you guys don’t feel too burdened by me going on and on about bullet journals. Now, the last time I talked about them, I told you to start simple. Don’t add too much design to it, because you’ll get overwhelmed by it.

Today, I’ll talk a little bit about how it can help you organise your life and your tasks, and how to try and minimise your trackers, in case you start micromanaging. It’s easy to say, “I’ll add this tracker here” or “I’ll put this collection there”, but actually doing it may just make you fed up with it, and that’s not what you want.

What Is The Point?

The purpose of a bullet journal is to help you keep track of the things you do every day. It’s literally a journal, or a diary, that helps you remember your appointments, your habits, your daily tasks, and whatever projects you’re working on. Now, the reason it’s called a “bullet journal” is that, whatever task you do, or whatever appointment or event you need to attend to, is jotted down beside a bullet point.