Calm The Spirit

Updated: Mar 23

Hello Everyone!

I know my last diary post here was a little tense and highly strung, but don’t worry. I’ve got the solution in this one! Don’t worry, I’m not going to go over the top and be all dramatic, what I mean with this one is that taking a break and calming yourself is exactly what you need to get you through those tough times.

Yes, being productive can help with the excess energy you feel, when you’re stressed or angry, but you still need to take a moment to calm yourself, so that you can think straight and be more in tuned with what the actual situation is.

Meditation Is Not Meditation

Ok, so here’s the thing that I know a lot of people struggle with. It’s the word…


Oftentimes, when you hear the word, you think monks in a temple going “ohm”. Now, yes that is meditation, but that’s sort of like a “higher form” of meditation. It’s more like a prayer, but standard meditation is nothing like that at all.