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Today, I’m taking you back to a beauty and cosmetics review, because I have to talk about this! If you’re like me and you love experimenting with your makeup every now and then, you’ll want this…no you’ll need this because it helps with hygiene! What I’m talking about is...

the Makeup Brush Cleaner, by LIKUCHE.


Now, I just have to say I didn’t buy this myself. It was a Christmas present, and I was already looking forward to using it before I even got it, because I was going to buy it myself, but thanks to the pandemic I no longer had the money to. So, here’s how to use it, and what I think about it.

Clean Brushes, Clean Looks

Ok, first, before anything else, I have to say this…

Always Clean Your Brushes!

I admit, I’ve not been diligent with my brushes, in fact, while I was still working at the store, I didn’t clean my brushes every week as I was supposed to, because my shifts would always land on weekends, and I’d sometimes get less than a day off each week. There were some weeks I worked 12 days in a row, granted some were half-days, but they were still days I worked. So, many of my brushes were left unwashed, and reused, over and over again.

However, now that I’ve no need for makeup, I’ve managed to clean my brushes, every now and then, since I do use it sometimes, to post up a make-up selfie (those of which I’ve already taken down on Instagram and Facebook, since I’ve not uploaded one in a while). So, every time I apply my makeup, it feels much smoother and much cleaner than before. Believe me, when I say this, because found clumps of the old bits of foundation that were left on the brush, on my face, whenever I applied my makeup, back in my shop days, and it felt disgusting.

I am not joking, even as I looked in the mirror, I’d sometimes find my makeup caking, even though I’d just put it on, and I’d have to redo it, so that it didn’t seem so lumpy. I also found it frustrating putting eyeshadow on, because the colours I’d used before were still on the brushes I needed to use. So, the bright reds turned to dark browns or the pale gold flecks that wanted on the inner corners of my eyes would turn out the same colour as my skin, because of the underlying darker colours.

So, the moral here is to always clean your brushes, maybe not after every use, but most certainly after every week, because that way your brushes will stay clean, and free of bacteria. Yes, I mean that, because you’re using these brushes on your face, where bacteria already live, and once it touches your skin, you’ve rubbed off millions of them onto those bristles, where they can turn malignant (bad) and cause all sorts of problems to your skin, once you use it again. So…

Always Clean Your Brushes!

Now, I’m not going to lie, I haven’t used my brushes yet, now that they’ve been cleaned recently, but I do know that I’ll be using it soon (thanks to my new efforts to start up my YouTube channel as a proper part of this website). However, I will say this, the last time I did clean my brushes, and used them after, the makeup was impeccable! My foundation felt a lot smoother; the eyeshadow colours were much brighter, and my contour lines were so much nicer! It really goes to show just how much better a clean brush application can help.

Alright, So What About This Cleaner?

Alright, so let’s learn how to use this cleaner first, so we don’t get too confused about it. Firstly, you have a rotating handle, and an array of rubber tubes that can hold the brush handle. You put in the brush into the correct rubber tube and attach it to the rotating handle, so it can spin the brush. Simple right?


Next you need to fill the plastic bowl that comes with it, with either cleaning solution, or soapy water. Since I hadn’t bought the solution yet, I used body wash and water (as I usually do, when I’m cleaning my brushes). However, don’t fill the bowl to the brim, you still need space to air spin the brush, without getting yourself wet. So, fill it about quarter of the way, and you’re ready to start.

Now, what the instructions tell you is to dunk the brush into the soapy water or cleaning solution for about five seconds and then start spinning it while it’s under, for about ten seconds. After that you spin it above the water, to get rid of the excess. After you do that, you’re done! The brush is clean and you’re on your way to getting a cleaner makeup application.

What Did I Experience?

Well, I followed the steps to a tee, and the brushed did end up dry and clean! I mean, not completely, there were some brushes I had to repeat the process with a few times, purely because the makeup on it was old, and had dried so it would be much harder to remove, but on the whole, it did do as the box said it did.

Was I expecting a first time round clean and go? No, I know what kind of invention this is. It’s probably fashioned after professional cleaners you’d find in factories, or in professional studios, but it isn’t as powerful. So, I did expect some repeated dunking and spins to help with the removal of the last vestiges of product that clung to my brushes.

What I did not expect was the amount of foam that the spinning left, especially with the bigger brushes. Because I use powder brushes to set my foundation and my contours, you can bet that there is a lot of product on those brushes, so I had to go several times with them. However, because I was using soapy water, the suds, or the foam that the soap created literally built up inside the bowl to the point where I had to lift the brush out to air spin it, freely, so I’d end up with a few drops of soapy water everywhere. While it was unexpected, I wasn’t surprised, but it did disappoint me, because I’d have to switch out the water after I’d finished cleaning one brush, so that it can be ready for the next one.

Now, I’m not sure if the cleaning solution will remain calm, or not, but once I do buy it and test it out, I’ll let you know. In any case, I was surprised by how dry the brush would be afterwards. I was thoroughly impressed by it I had to try the machine again a few times, just to make sure I wasn’t being deceived, and I’m happy to say I wasn’t.

The only thing I will say is that if you have a flat foundation brush, or you have fan brushes, be ready to reform them, because the spin leaves them a little out of shape. It’s because of the momentum of the rotating handle that does this, but on the whole, your brushes will go back to their original state.

My Verdict?

I am never going back to hand washing my brushes again. Yes, ok I may need to hand wash my brushes, every now and then, but this cleaner makes things go buy so much faster and it’s economical too. You save on the amount of water you use, because you’re not running the water as it cleans. You only need to wash it out a few times, after using the bigger brushes, but with the eyeshadow ones, you’re good to go in one sitting. Why? Because there isn’t as much product on your eyeshadow brushes, and they’re much smaller than the big face brushes, so they don’t kick up as much suds or foam as they do.

Essentially, if you do wear makeup all the time, you need to clean your brushes every week, and this cleaner will help A LOT! You won’t have to stand at your sink all day scrubbing out that pesky foundation, your fingers won’t turn into prunes because they’d been under the water for too long, your skin won’t get those weird marks from your foundation or mascara. Basically, you’ll be saving yourself time and money on your bills, if you have one of these cleaners. I highly recommend them. The only thing now is that it needs to be rechargeable, so that I don’t waste batteries (because yes, they are battery powered).

Your Turn

There you have it! My review on the electric Makeup Cleaner by LIKUCHE. You can buy it on Amazon, eBay and other online retailers. So, have a go, try it out! Let me know what you think of it. If you already have one, how many times have you used it? If you’ve found a better brand, let me know! Once I have the money to, you bet I’m going to upgrade!

Well, that’s it from me today, I’ll see you guys next time. For now, don’t forget to like, subscribe and follow for more updates and the latest posts here on Feather’s Charm and on my social media accounts. Oh, and share these posts with family and friends, those who you’d think might enjoy these topics and tips! I’ll see you later!

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