Coffee - Got Milk?

Updated: Aug 18

Hello Everyone!

Today we’re going to talk about that extra step coffee shops and cafes use, to make those frothy lattes and cappuccinos. Now, unless you have a steamer at home, you won’t be able to achieve this, but it’s always good to remember the difference between a flat white, cappuccino, latte and other coffee styles are.

So, without further ado, here’s a list of different coffee types. Don’t forget that the amount of milk you add, determines how strong your coffee is too, along with all the other factors that determine the strength of the coffee.

Coffee Types


Now, you’re probably wondering why flavoured coffee syrups aren’t included in the list. Well, to be honest, these syrups are just additions to the coffee, to make it sweeter, so they don’t really require being part of the list. It simply adds an extra punch of flavour.

Test Them Yourselves