Coffee - Roasted

Updated: May 27

Hello Everyone!

Welcome back to the Coffee series! Yes, I’m still on this coffee hype. Why? Because I work in the coffee industry, that’s why. I may no longer be a barista, but I still have a lot to tell about our caffeine-filled fuel. Today’s post will be all about the two main ways coffee is processed before it’s roasted.

That’s right, there are a few steps between growing the beans and roasting them. First is obviously the harvesting of the beans, since someone has to get them from the plants to the factory. The second is the way in which coffee is processed. There are two, there’s the dry process and the wet or washed, process.

Come Again?

Ok, let me break it down for you guys. Like all berries and plants, the coffee beans are picked, when they’re ripe. There are two ways this can be done. In most cases, they’re hand-picked because Arabica coffee (which are the more common and “higher quality” beans) is g