Script Snips - Confront The King

Updated: May 27

Hello Everyone!

I'm actually excited about today's post. You see, I've been lacking in inspiration lately, since most of the time, the sort of posts I publish are informative, or like a diary to me, so I'm starting to lose my motivation to create a story or even a scene. What actually got me into writing blog posts was my passion to creatively write, and I used to love describing places, people and conversations, way back when!

So, when I opened my laptop to create a scene for this piece, I couldn't even think of anything as remotely magical or thrilling, as when I used to write for fun. So, I went back to my earlier works, the kind that looked and sounded "fanfiction-y". They were terrible, believe me, I should know, but they did get my creative juices flowing again. The only thing is, I'm still in that uninspiring place that writers go to, when they really can't think of a way to write (and yes, I do mean I'm in a writer's block).

However, after looking back at some of my old pieces, I realised, that they're just sitting there, without being used at all. It's a shame that I've not looked back at them in such a long time! So, why not publish some of them here. I highly doubt I'll use them any time soon, and hey, maybe you guys could do something with them!