Double The Fun

Updated: Mar 30

Hello Everyone!

I hope you’ve been practicing your crochet stitches. If you have, you might have made a few scarves by now, or squares of crochet fabric you could use in a blanket, or a cushion cover. Who knows! I’ll teach you guys how to do that, but not just yet.

First, I need to finish teaching you the common stitches you’ll find in many crochet patterns. So, buckle your seatbelts, and get your hooks at the ready, it’s time to crochet! Today’s stitch, is the…


It’s literally two steps more than a Single Crochet. It’s not all that complicated, it’s just one more loop on your hook and then you’re good to go.

So, Let's Start!

The first thing you do is loop the yarn over the hook.