Harry Potter - I'm A Wizard!

Hello Everyone!

I cannot believe I haven’t started talking about this topic yet! As a Millennial I grew up with these characters and the actors who played them, I am actually that I forgot to mention them. So, here it is…I am officially a Potterhead!


Now, before I fire off into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, let me just say, I’m a Ravenclaw, and according to Pottermore (which has been turned into Wizarding World, which sounds ridiculous to me; Pottermore sounds better!) my Patronus is a Siberian Cat, and my wand is a Sycamore with a dragon heartstring, a11 ½ inches and is slightly springy.

Ok, so what am I going to talk about in this post? Well, I’ll be talking about what first drew me in about the magical world of Harry Potter and why I still love it, even though I’m not as hardcore about it as some others. That’s another topic that we can talk about later because it is a deeply psychological one too. Anyway, too off-topic. Let’s get going!

Let’s Board The Hogwarts Express

First off, I grew up with the films, and granted I leaned towards the films more than the books, while I was growing up since I was also reading The Chronicles Of Narnia as well (which I will get into, but not today). Not only that, I’m roughly the same age as some of the actors in the films, so watching them grow up as well, made me feel like I was with them at Hogwarts.

You have to understand that as a child, with her head in fantasies, I wanted magic to be real, and watching it on screen made me feel like it could be. Yes, I know there’s a deep psychological meaning there, but we’re not going that deep. Anyway, I was first drawn into the Harry Potter series, when one day, in Primary School/Elementary School (whichever you’re comfortable with), my entire grade/year/class (whatever you want to call it) sat in the hallway, of our school, and listened to one of our teachers reading the first few chapters of the Order Of The Phoenix book. Now, I don’t know what prompted them to do it, but it was a fun day at school, like a charity event that we all had to take part in, and I think the teachers didn’t have the energy to come up with some grand and fantastical activity to keep us busy (mind you I was already about 9 maybe 10 years old at the time), so they decided to read the book to the whole grade.

I was engaged, needless to say, from the first few sentences they'd read out, and I wanted to know what was in those books. So, I ended up picking up the first one from our meagre library and began reading. Little did I know, I’d already watched the film for the first book. I guess my parents took me to watch it, as a day out with my sister, when it first came out. I wasn’t aware of it, but I know I liked it, I just couldn’t remember it all that well.

Eventually, I was engrossed and picked out all the minute details that the films missed, or the pieces they added that “made sense”, since (obviously) films don’t always adhere to the narratives of books (I mean, just look at Lord Of The Rings! There are so many inaccuracies there!). And once my sister discovered the books, there was no stopping us. We were both obsessed, she more so than I (I was wandering onto the anime scene at the time and getting ready for Secondary School/Middle/High School).

Hogwarts Is my Home

Just as Professor Trelawny says in The Half-Blood Prince, “Hogwarts is my home”. I know it’s not a real place, and the closest you could probably get to Hogwarts is the studio sets in Leavesden, UK, or the Universal Studios theme park in Florida, but in my mind, I’ve been to Hogwarts. I’ve walked their halls and studied in its classrooms. I played in the gardens and the surrounding fields, forests, and lakes. I’ve been to Hogsmead and Diagon Alley, and yes, I’ve bought candies, trinkets, and school supplies, just as the students of Hogwarts would do.

In my mind, I’ve experienced Hogwarts life. Why? Because although their world is built on magic, and the fantasy elements in there aren’t real, the routine of buying things on a high street, buying candies and souvenirs for family and friends is the same as what I would do, when I was buying school supplies or went on vacation.

The actions in the books are no different to what people would do in real life, the only difference is the names of places, shops, and objects. I’ve had to buy my uniform at specialised school uniform shops, I’ve bought books at many a bookstore and I’ve bought candies at local convenient stores, just as The Trio would have done, in Hogsmead.

Essentially, I’ve been to Hogwarts because it’s just like any other school. The only difference is that it’s a boarding school, and it teaches magical subjects.

The Magic Is Still There

Ok, I’ve mentioned before that I’m not as hardcore as some fans, and that’s true. I know that there are many out there, who know every single detail, of the books, films, and lore, more than I. I’m not disputing them. In fact, the only thing I will say is that if you come at me with Harry Potter knowledge, I’d probably sit with you and listen to the things you know.

For me, while the magic of the Wizarding World has dimmed a little, it’s not gone. I’m still in love with it. It’s just hidden behind some of my other fandoms (particularly the Labyrinth fandom), but it’s still there. I mean, I’ve played the Lego Harry Potter games, and I’m still blown away by how at home I feel when I play the game. Although it’s obviously just loosely based on the series, it still has the same feeling of being in Hogwarts and walking through the hallowed halls of the castle.

For me, the Harry Potter series will always be a timeless classic, one that I’ll always go back to, whenever I’m feeling nostalgic. So, if you’d like, you can join me in rediscovering the wonderful and magical world of Wizards and Witches and battle those pesky Death Eaters.

Are You Ready To Fly?

I know that there’s so much to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and I've got a lot to catch up on, especially on the website, since I haven’t been in a long time, but once I get back on my feet, I’m definitely picking up my broom and flying high in the sky to join Harry and his friends. Are you with me?

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