Short Stories - How To Steal From A Dragon - Part 1

Updated: Jun 29

Hello Everyone!

Today’s post is inspired by a TV show I’ve been watching, or re-watching, if you’ve read my previous post Living In A Story, and I suddenly got the idea, because of one particular episode, which sparked a memory about the Hobbit, and well, it spiralled from there.

Anyway, I won’t say anymore, because this one’s going to be a long one, depending on how this turns out!

It’s Time To Face That Dragon!

The trek up the mountain wasn’t as bad as the other soldiers said it was. In fact, Bailor scoffed at their stories. It felt more like his daily hike, than the treacherous journey the others described it as. Stopping for a breath, he turned back to watch his travelling companion, as she climbed over the boulder that shielded the forest path from view. She looked at home in the wilderness, her braids and their decorations made her seem more like a warrior nymph than a hunter.

“We just need to pass this last ridge. The cave is at the very top. You won’t miss it,” she said. Her eyes were cast down, making sure her feet stepped where she wanted them to step. Of course, she already knew he was watching her. Years of hunting and living in the forest made Astrid more aware of what was around her, than her fellow men. In fact, it made her even more dangerous than the best soldiers, because she knew how to be quiet, especially when sneaking up on prey. The soldiers at the tavern even had a nickname for her, “The Silence”. It was an apt name too since neither her breathing nor her steps made a sound.

“Trying to get rid of me, are you? I thought you said this quest was a team effort,” Bailor remarked, returning his gaze towards the mountain path ahead. Sure enough, there were a few rock formations, beyond the ridge. Amongst those formations was a small crevice that was barely noticeable. B