Let's Make Something

Updated: Aug 15

Hello Everyone!

Today, I’ve got something special! Ok, it’s another tutorial, but it’s not about a single stitch this time. We’ll be utilising some of the stitches we’ve already learned to make one of the easiest patterns in crochet. Now, what am I going to teach you?

Of course, it’s the world’s most famous, Granny Square! This is one of the staples in crochet, and if you can get this done right, you can pretty much make anything. From scarves to blankets, from cushion covers to bags, you name it! The granny square is a versatile pattern and can be used in almost anything. As long as you know how to make them, how to sew the squares together, and basically create the shape of your piece, you’re good to go!

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Go!