Once Upon A Time - Living In A Story

Updated: Jan 19

Hello Everyone!

Today’s post is about a fandom that I joined a while ago, around the same time I got into Supernatural. It’s based on a TV show, that unfortunately ended, when it got a reboot, which is actually a shame, because I was getting into it, since it was a little more urban than the first iteration of the series, but “what’s done is done” (I had to).

The TV show I’m talking about is one that reinvigorates my childhood with the fairy-tales I’d listened to and watched in movies, growing up. Now, while its plot spiralled out of control towards the end, before the reboot, it was still something worth watching, especially for those looking for a little bit of fantasy in their lives. It’s called Once Upon A Time.

Fairy-Tales Come To The Real World

For those of you who haven’t watched it, or would like to watch it, the basic plot of the story is that every fairy-tale character we know and love, like Snow White, Cinderella, Rumpelstiltskin and Little Red Riding Hood, were sent to our world, because of a curse that destroyed their world and happy endings. For 28 years they remained in the little town that the curse created, frozen in time and without their memories of who they were before. They lived their lives in a sort of half state, with memories that weren’t really theirs, living routines and daily life as different people, until a young woman, called Emma Swan, arrived in town.