Part 1 - Making A Film = Effort

Updated: Jan 24

Hello Everyone!

Today, I want to talk about the film industry. First off, yes, it’s a glamorous job, only if you have experience in it, and you have the time to mess about on set with everyone. Second, if you’re starting out, have those big dreams, but don’t expect them to find you without any effort (unless you already know someone who’s willing to get you in right off the bat, and that’s mostly for those who already have that connection).

The truth of the matter is, film production, all aspects of it, from development to exhibition, takes a lot of time, effort and people. You can see it through the rumours, interviews and stories of even big productions; making a film, let alone a TV series isn’t a one-day kind of job, especially good quality films and shows.

It Demands Effort