Labyrinth - Peach Dreams And Ball-Rooms

Updated: Apr 1

Hello Everyone!

Today’s post will highlight one of my favourite stories, of all time. For those of you who know me personally, you’ll know that my all-time favourite film is Labyrinth. You might have already gotten sick of me talking about it non-stop for the past seven years…well suck it up, because I’m doing this for those who don’t know me.

So, I’m going to bore you all with a rambling rant on what makes Labyrinth so great! Also, be warned, this is a TDLR post, for those of you who don't like to read, I'm sorry, but there is no short version here.

Oh, and one more thing this post contains spoilers, so if you want to watch the film, look away now!

The Muppets Have Gone Crazy!

Let’s start with what the film is about. It follows a young teenage girl, called Sarah, who felt like her life was unfair, to the point where she wished away her half-brother to the goblins. Her wish comes true, and because she regrets her decision, she tries to bargain with the Goblin King to get him back. Of course, being the King of the Goblins, he refuses, but offers Sarah a challenge, to win her brother back.