Script Snips - Werewolf

Updated: Aug 21

Hello Everyone!

Today, I'm hitting you with another script snippet! Ok, I haven't actually written a script snippet in a while, and I was fresh out of ideas, until I opened up my script writing app (because yes, there are specific apps for scriptwriters - Microsoft Word isn't geared for scriptwriting), and I found a whole bunch of script snippets I could work with.

I found one that I had left undone, because life got in the way, and I wanted to finish it, or at least finish the scene. Of course, it's also given me great inspiration for a bigger film, but that particular world is still a vacuous bubble, a vague plan, so until I can flesh it out, it's just going to be a snippet for now.

If anything, you guys could probably make something out of it! Read it, and let me know if you've come up with a bigger script! It'd be really interesting to see! Anyway, without further ado, here it is.



DAVID and JENNA are sitting at a small campfire. Their defences are up. Any small noise that isn't coming from the fire, they look in the direction, before returning their attention to the fire. They're roasting some kill from the day, and DAVID is sharpening an arrow.


(Focused on the arrow)