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Today, I'm hitting you with another script snippet! Ok, I haven't actually written a script snippet in a while, and I was fresh out of ideas, until I opened up my script writing app (because yes, there are specific apps for scriptwriters - Microsoft Word isn't geared for scriptwriting), and I found a whole bunch of script snippets I could work with.

I found one that I had left undone, because life got in the way, and I wanted to finish it, or at least finish the scene. Of course, it's also given me great inspiration for a bigger film, but that particular world is still a vacuous bubble, a vague plan, so until I can flesh it out, it's just going to be a snippet for now.

If anything, you guys could probably make something out of it! Read it, and let me know if you've come up with a bigger script! It'd be really interesting to see! Anyway, without further ado, here it is.



DAVID and JENNA are sitting at a small campfire. Their defences are up. Any small noise that isn't coming from the fire, they look in the direction, before returning their attention to the fire. They're roasting some kill from the day, and DAVID is sharpening an arrow.


(Focused on the arrow)

Before the moon hits the peak of that mountain, we leave. It is not safe in these parts, especially under a full moon.


(Leans forward conspiratorially)

Yes, but are the rumours true? Are they real?

DAVID looks up briefly.


That is for your mind to decide.


(Leans back, scowling)

You're not very good at campfire conversation.

(Mutters to self)

Not a very good guide either.


(Points knife at her)

You asked I lead you to the ruins. I am doing that. I would not be out here otherwise.



DAVID doesn't reply and returns to sharpening the arrow. JENNA sighs, and looks up at the full moon. It has some time left before it reaches the peak of the mountain. After a few moments, she speaks up.


Do you miss your family?


I have no family.


Everyone has a family.


(Looks up from his carving)

Not anyone here.


(She looks away, pausing for a beat, realising his family died)

How did it happen?

DAVID opens his mouth, as if the tell her not to ask anymore questions, but a howling sounds off in the distance, and they both turn in the direction they heard it from. They wait for a few beats, after it dies down, JENNA is starting to worry, but DAVID is calm, calculating. He starts to pack up when they can no longer hear the echoes.


(Packing up his weapons, putting the new arrow into his quiver)

We leave now.

JENNA is still staring at the distance, when her backpack is thrown at her. She's startled, as she catches it, and notices DAVID moving quickly. Without another word, she helps, slinging her backpack over her shoulder and helping to douse the fire with the soil at her feet. When everything is cleared away, they briskly walk into the thick trees surrounding them. JENNA is trying to keep up with DAVID, almost jogging to match his strides.


(A little breathy)

You still haven't answered my question. What happened to your family?

DAVID doesn't answer, but presses on, looking back every now and then. JENNA sighs. She's not going to get an answer any time soon, so she just follows him, as they walk through the forest, as silent as they can be.


Ok, I know it's short, but hey, not all scenes need to be five minutes long, or even ten minutes! I just wanted to put this out there, because it's short simple and sweet! So, what did you guys think? Are you inspired to write your own script? Let me know, and send them to me! I'd love to read them.

Well that's it for now, I'll see you guys later! And don't forget to like, subscribe, follow and share, for more updates and new posts here and on my social media accounts!

With love,

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