Short Stories - How To Steal From A Dragon - Part 2

Updated: Jun 24

Hello Everyone!

So, if you haven’t guessed already, today’s post is the Part 2 of the How To Steal From A Dragon short story. If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, I highly recommend it, otherwise this part won’t make sense.

How To Steal From A Dragon – Part 1

Alright, since you guys are now familiar with the story, let’s get to it shall we?

Time To Steal A Dragon’s Treasures

Breathing hard, Astrid had to stop running. Her lungs were about to give out and she couldn’t feel her legs. Pausing in the tunnel she’d found herself in, she clutched her side as she gulped in air like her life depended on it. After what seemed like her hundredth breath she finally looked up, glancing over her shoulder, hoping Bailor hadn’t followed her. She highly doubted it, since she knew her punch had knocked him out, but she could never tell, especially with those military types.

When she couldn’t hear any approaching footsteps, she sagged against the rough wall, praying to the stars she had enough time to just catch her breath. Closing her eyes, she sank to the floor her emotions now starting to get the better of her, as she recalled the reason Bailor had given her, the first time they’d met. He’d told her they were after a valuable piece of treasure. She was stupid to think it could be anything but a dragon’s egg. Of course, it was the most valuable thing in the land. Its insides was a great source of magical energy, especially for those pompous louts that called themselves wizards and priests. No doubt they’d use the unborn child for their experiments and potions, uncaring whether it lived or died in the process.