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Updated: Jun 30

Hello Everyone!

Today is Review Day! Ok, so I’m going back to my beauty routines because I have had a revelation recently and ever since I had it, I can never go back to the standard brands that I’m used to seeing, in drugstores. Now, although I’ve talked a bit about skincare, there are other parts of the body and face that also needs some love and attention. One of the major points of the body that’s pretty relevant is the lips.

Now, I’m not saying you should take care of them, just so you can kiss someone. When I think about lips, I’m thinking about whenever you go to meet up with your friends, or when you’re at a job interview or speaking with clients. Yes, it’s mostly about vanity, but think about it this way, you don’t want your friends, or whomever you’re talking to, to only look at your lips, because they’re chapped and dry, do you?

Let’s Get To The Bottom Of This

Most of the time, when my lips are dry, I tend to bite them, to get rid of the dead skin that I know will peel off, if I don’t take care of it soon. and eventually, I bite them enough to reveal the softer and more easily damaged part of my skin. This not only damages my lips but can lead to worse if I continued to do it. So, the best way to take care of them is to use lip scrubs and lip balms.

This is where things get a little more interesting. You see, I always thought that if I bought any old lip balm, I wouldn’t have to worry about my lips anymore, but that mentality actually harmed my lips instead. I’ve found out that many, if not all, Western branded lip balms actually include chemicals in their balms that actively dry out your lips! That’s right, lip balms actively dry your lips. Why? Commercial purposes of course!

Now, while in moisturisers and skin serums, ingredients like salicylic acid and hyaluronic acid are good ingredients to have, they’re actually the worst for your lips, unless you offset them with oils and butters like shea and beeswax, but not all lip balms will have a good balance of these ingredients. Ingredients like phenol, menthol and camphor are also drying ingredients. That’s why it has taken me such a long time to find good lip balms that don’t contain these ingredients.

What Are Good Balms To Go After Then?

Well, anything that doesn’t contain the list above. Back in the day, I would buy Vaseline lip balms like there was no tomorrow since it was one of the only balms that didn’t dry my lips out quickly, but I found that I couldn’t stand some of the flavours, and I was already quickly becoming tired of the Rose and Aloe Vera versions. So, I wanted to find others that could offer a more varied range of flavours.

At this point, I came across a really pretty shop called…Rituals. I actually found them because I was looking for a good body lotion (which I will get to in another post), and one day they had a sale, from which I got a lip balm or lip gloss for free. Seeing as how my lips dry out easily, I bought the balm and have never looked back since!


I absolutely love their balms, and while they are very up-market at £9.90, they are very much worth the price. They don’t contain any of the ingredients on the list and are very handy. So, I don’t have to use my finger, every time I apply the lip balm to my lips. Not to mention, the mechanism for the sticks are pretty fun and possibly better to help preserve the stick. Most of the time, you’d get the standard click cover, but with the Rituals balms, there’s a button that releases the stick, so you can be sure that the stick won’t reveal itself in your handbag if it’s jostled around.

What I like about these balms is that it provides a thin layer that you’ll hardly feel, after a few minutes, whereas balms like Vaseline tend to be a little thicker and to offset that feeling you tend to purse your lips a lot, which can also lead to dry lips, even if you’re using a balm that helps keep them moist. I also like the fact that even if they’re washed off, or they dry off, your lips still feel moisturised and could go without the balm for at least an hour.

My favourite balm at the moment is the Eucalyptus Repair balm because it actually cools my lips. I’m the kind of person who lets off quite a bit of body heat, so anything that can cool me down is highly welcome, even in the form of a lip balm, and I think it may just be me, but I feel like that tingly feeling makes me feel like the balm is actually doing its work.

Wait! There’s More!

If you’ve read my Skin-Deep Beauty post, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of Korean products. My lip care is no different. The routine for your lips is much simpler than their 10-Step Skincare Routines since it’s just lip scrub, then lip treatment, then lip tints, and because I’m not going to be going anywhere any time soon, I even forego the lip tints. The scrub is easy to come by since it’s just sugar, a bit of oil and flavour, but the lip treatment is what’s very important, and that is something I tend to use, especially if my lips are too dry.

A lot of the time, these treatments are sleeping masks, so most of the time, you can use them at night, but it really doesn’t matter, you can even use them throughout the day, just as long as you have a lip brush on you or the handy spatula they give you with the treatment.


My absolute favourite treatment is the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. Although the solution is pretty thick, it really protects my lips throughout the night, and when I wake up, I still feel some of it still on my lips, if I applied a lot on, the night before. It’s my favourite because it really does moisturise my lips, to the point where I can last a whole morning without even using lip balm. Of course, I could be biased, since it’s the only treatment I’ve used so far, but the fact that I’m not really straying from it probably proves how good it is, in my opinion.

All right, It’s Your Turn!

I hope you beauty fans out there will try out these balms because I promise you THEY WORK! And if you have tried them out, let me know what you think of them! I’d like to hear what you guys think! Do you have any recommendations you’d like me to try!

Well, that’s it from me, for now. I’ll see you guys soon!

With love,

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