Speak With Bold Lips

Updated: Jun 30

Hello Everyone!

Today is Review Day! Ok, so I’m going back to my beauty routines because I have had a revelation recently and ever since I had it, I can never go back to the standard brands that I’m used to seeing, in drugstores. Now, although I’ve talked a bit about skincare, there are other parts of the body and face that also needs some love and attention. One of the major points of the body that’s pretty relevant is the lips.

Now, I’m not saying you should take care of them, just so you can kiss someone. When I think about lips, I’m thinking about whenever you go to meet up with your friends, or when you’re at a job interview or speaking with clients. Yes, it’s mostly about vanity, but think about it this way, you don’t want your friends, or whomever you’re talking to, to only look at your lips, because they’re chapped and dry, do you?

Let’s Get To The Bottom Of This