Story Snips - I Wish

Updated: Apr 6

Hello Everyone!

Here is my very first creative writing post of the year! I’m so excited, and I’m also dreading it, because I have no clue what’s going to come out of my brain, this time around. I have so many ideas floating around, and this was the first that came up.

Ok, so you all should know by now that I’m an avid Labyrinth fan, if you don’t check out the post…

Peach Dreams And Ball Rooms

You’ll know what I mean. Anyway, I am currently reading a few fanfictions…rather mature ones at that…(hey, I’m a woman with needs, sue me!)…and I got rather inspired by a few of them, and well…if you’re a Labyrinth fan, you’ll probably get the cues as well. I mean, this is a story snippet after all, so maybe those of you, fanfiction writers out there, could use it to create a proper fanfiction for the likes of your characters. If you do, please tag me! I’d love to read your works!