Sugar Cookies Galore

Updated: Mar 16

Hello Everyone!

Today, I’ve got a baking post for you! So, at the beginning of the year, last year, I said I’d continue to try and bake new desserts, to improve my baking skills, and well…I tried, but I wasn’t consistent, and when the first UK lockdown happened, I just didn’t have the motivation to do it.

Now, however, after having some fun at Christmas, I’ve now become steadier, in terms of actually baking every weekend. So, I’ve been baking more and more desserts and I’ve finally got the hang of some simple snacks and desserts. Let’s take a look!

Start Simple

Ok, let’s start off with what I did last year, and compare it to what I did this year. So, last year, I started off making scones and lemon drizzle cakes, and then after that there was nothing, right? That’s because I didn’t know what I want