Tea Anyone?

Updated: Apr 29

Hello Everyone!

Today’s another review post, and this one goes out to all my tea-loving friends! Now, I know I seem more like a coffee person (what with my barista experience, and my “Coffee” series) but, I am not a proper Asian/British, without my love for tea too! I absolutely love good tea, and I don’t just mean English Breakfast (which is the standard go-to for many of my tea-loving friends), but I mean a whole range of teas.

I’m talking about Jasmine, Earl Grey, Countess Grey, Matcha Green, Black Chai, you name it! I love them all, but what has me really hopping off the walls…or at least relaxing with a good book, is my favourite Jasmine Green Tea, and it’s not just any Jasmine Green, I’m actually pretty obsessed with the one made by Birchall Tea.

I was introduced to this brand, when I was back at work in the office, as a customer services assistant. They came in, to give us a little demonstration of what they had on offer, and needless to say, I fell in love with their brand. Now, I don’t know if they do international shipping, but if you live in the UK, you can definitely buy it for yourself!

What Defines Good Tea