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Updated: Jan 29

Hello Everyone!

I'm just going say one thing, before sending you on a journey to another world. I came up with this idea, because I was inspired by a TV series that I've been watching recently. It's called The 100! Trust me, it's a really thrilling series, and I recommend you guys to watch it!

So, get ready to fight for your life in The Arena.


DUNCAN is sitting forward on the badly beaten sofa. He looks up at the mirror in front of him and contemplates what is going to happen when he steps out of the room. Suddenly a loud beep and alarm goes off, and the door to his room opens. RONA walks in. Her hand is constantly at the sword on her hip. She sits down on a chair opposite DUNCAN and scrutinises him.


(To her guards)

Leave us.

Her guards bow before leaving the room, shutting the door behind them.


This is your last chance to back out now. As soon as you step out of this room, I won't be able to help you.


You say that, yet what will happen if I refuse?



You'll probably have a mob on your hands.


That's why you're in charge.

(Sits back as he returns her scrutiny)

And that's why I can't back down. It's too late.


It's never too late.

(Sighs and starts walking around the room)

There've been rumours, Duncan. I had to base it on them.


(Beat - Pause)

I know.


Don't fail.


Easier said than done.


I mean it.

(Stops pacing)

The only advice I can offer you is to use your head, trust your instincts, and if an opportunity presents itself, you take it.


Don't worry. I know what to do.


Do you?

There is a knock on the door, and both DUNCAN and RONA turn to it.


Looks like they're ready for you. You should go.

RONA looks back at DUNCAN and looks as if she wants to say something more, but doesn't. Instead, she nods her head as if to say goodbye and goes to the door. She has her hand on the handle, and the door open, but doesn't leave just yet.


If you play the game right, I promise you'll see your family again.

RONA leaves, and DUNCAN lets out a sigh of relief.


As if that were an option too.



There is a crowd of thousands of people, sitting or standing in the stands of the Colosseum-like amphitheatre as RONA takes her seat at the King's box (think Game of Thrones meets ancient Rome, Egypt, and Arabia). She waits for her attendants to take their seat as she looks out at the crowd. The noise is deafening. When her attendants are all settled, she raises a hand, silencing the crowd.


(Loudly, but it's clear she has a microphone)

Today we judge a criminal. A traitor who has forgotten what loyalty and honour truly means.

As she speaks, the gates to one of the underground tunnels opens up. DUNCAN is dragged out by a servant. He is bound by ropes and chains. He is led to the centre of the arena and his chains are secured to a large, worn pole. Some audience members start jeering and yelling insults. DUNCAN just looks at RONA all the while.


He has tried to take the life of one of our most beloved and trusted friends, and for that he must pay the price. A life for a life. A death for a death.

The crowds stir again, and start throwing tomatoes and vegetables at him. Some hit him, some don't, but DUNCAN still doesn't move. His eyes still glued to RONA.


They say he has the strength of 50 men. We shall see that strength put to the test.

She raises her hand again and a horn is blown. Several gates are opened and 49 warriors (men and women) file into the arena. They are fully clothed in armour and with several weapons.


To you brave souls, I address you. Should you fall here today, your death shall be honoured. If you succeed today, you shall find yourselves amongst kings and queens.

The crowd roars again.


May the gods judge him wisely. Begin!

The noise is deafening as DUNCAN struggles to free himself, while the 49 start advancing on him. RONA takes her seat on the throne, never taking her eyes off DUNCAN.


(To herself)

This was by your hand my friend.


DUNCAN manages to break free from the bonds tying his hands, and has already begun work on the chains, but one of the warriors lunge at him, and he has to shift out of the way, so that a sword doesn't impale his face. He grunts as he kicks the first warrior away even as his hands are still busy trying to squirm his way out of the chains.


(To himself)


Another warrior cries out. He strikes at DUNCAN but catches one of the lines of chains that surround the pole, inadvertently freeing DUNCAN. He shakes the rest of the chains off and punches the warrior in the gut.



A flurry of warriors start to attack him now, and he counts them as he does. He manages to take down all 49 warriors, and the crowd is silent now. DUNCAN is breathing heavily, as he holds a bloody sword in his hand. He looks up at RONA.


(Yells for everyone to hear)

You said there were 50! There were only 49.

RONA stands and opens the gate that leads to stairs down into the arena. She walks down the stairs calmly, drawing her sword.



So I did.

She makes it to the floor of the arena.


I am your last opponent.

DUNCAN takes a deep breath (he looks down his nose like those "bad boys" who have just been challenged).


(Quietly enough for her to hear)

Don't do this.


I told you before Duncan, this is the price you must pay.


Then I don't want to pay the price.


(Raising her sword)

You must.

She charges at him, and he raises his sword in defence. The crowd starts going wild again, as the pair fight. DUNCAN tries to dodge and parry, but RONA's attacks are powerful and challenging.


Show them who you are!


Rona! Stop!


Come on!

RONA manages to lock their swords, and she punches DUNCAN in the face. He stumbles back, but keeps his footing. He wipes his mouth, and his hand comes away bloody. Now he sees red.


(Dangerously low)

I will not play your game.


Then you condemn yourself to die.

She charges again, this time, DUNCAN is ready for it, he parries and finds an opening to attack. Now, RONA is the one defending. His attacks are just as powerful as hers. She defends as best she can, but he eventually relieves her of her sword, and she ends up on the floor, as he points his sword to her neck. They're both breathing hard, and there is a lull in the crowd's cheering.


(Almost a whisper, but still challengingly)

Finish it.




Duncan lowers the sword.



Finish it. Please.

DUNCAN is surprised. RONA chuckles to herself.


You wanted to know why I chose you to be the scapegoat, right? I chose you because I knew you could make things right.

DUNCAN is at a loss. He wants to show mercy and save her life, but his instincts want her dead.


I know you won't ever forgive me. I took you from your family, your home, but you're the only one that can take this burden and still remain sane.

She sits up a little, and guides his sword back to her throat.


So do it. Prove to us all that you are better than they are.

DUNCAN hesitates, he's frowning. For a beat, he doesn't do anything, but then he cries out. It's pained and angry, and he swings his sword high. RONA shuts her eyes, ready to die. When he brings down the sword, there is dust everywhere. As soon as it clears, everyone sees that it has impaled the ground near RONA's head. Once again, DUNCAN is breathing heavily. His expression is hard and stoic.


I told you, I'm not like you. You want me to prove I'm better than them. This is how I prove it.

He straightens, and looks around the arena, before returning his gaze back to a surprised RONA.


I am going home. You gave me your word.

Without looking back, he walks out of the arena, through the gate he was brought in. All the servants and guards who had gathered around, in case anything happened step aside for him. The entire arena is silent, as they watch him leave.


DUNCAN emerges from one of the exits and takes a deep breath. He can hear a ruckus in the stadium behind him, but he ignores it, and continues on. He has a long road ahead of him that leads further and further away from the city. He is going home to his family.



So, what do you guys think? Let me know what you think about it, because I'd really like to know if I could actually make this happen.

Well, that's it from me for now, and I'll see you soon.

With love,

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