The Country Or The City

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Today, I’m freestyling! Ok, so maybe not, but I am allowed to literally talk about whatever I want in these posts and I both dread and love it because I can talk about anything, but I don’t know what to talk about. Does that make sense? I have these moments where I think “Yeah! I can talk about what matters most to me!” and then I’m like “But wait…that can go under that section…what can I talk about!”. It’s a vicious cycle. But not to worry. I do have something I want to talk about today, and that is:

The Countryside And The Cityscape

What do I mean by that? Well, do you prefer to be in the countryside or the city? Personally, I’m torn, and here’s why. I’m a city woman. I was born and bred in the city, and I was always told “get a good job, so you can go on more vacations, have a great big house, and have a life that’s full and exciting!”, but every time I travel to the city, I’m torn. I’d much prefer the quieter and slower pace of the countryside, but I’m still drawn to the hustle and bustle of the city. After all, both the countryside and the city have their unique personalities and, in all honesty, I can’t choose between the two! So, I’m going to need some help! Let’s look at the pros and cons of living in the countryside and the city!

The Quiet Of The Country

Ok, because I keep telling myself that I’m more of a countryside person, I’ll start here. So, I’ve never lived in the countryside before, but I’ve gone on vacation to the countryside, and it’s so much nicer there. No city noises, no angry pedestrians that holler at you for no reason, and no sense of danger on every street. In all, the countryside feels much safer to me because you’re a little farther out of the way than you would be if you were living in the city. In fact, I’ve always wanted to live in a big house, with nothing but acres of fields, or even a lake, or a beach next to me.

Not to mention, living in the countryside, you can get more exercise, because you can walk the trails and paths in the forests surrounding you, without being disturbed by others. You can find peace in the quiet. And, if you’re near a lake, river, or beach, you can just sit quietly next to it, read a book, listen to the rush of water, and find inspiration for anything creative in your life. Personally, I’d love to live this slow and unhurried life because I’m a creative person. I love nature and the beautiful things you can find tucked away in the untouched areas. I find inspiration in the mountaintops and the calm waves of the ocean.

I even find inspiration in the beautiful relationships, farmers have with their families, the land, and the animals they care for. There’s a beauty that can’t be described when humans take good care of the animals and the land around them. It shows we’re more than just selfish creatures, living for money and luxury. Whenever I come across these hidden gems, I’m reminded that wealth comes in many forms, and the wealth that people in the countryside have is something much different to what those in the city have, and I’m a little jealous of that.

It’s Not All Beautiful

Of course, having said all that there are some things that I can’t live without, having grown up in the city. First, there’s the issue of network coverage. I cannot function without my phone or laptop. I’m a blogger, and a freelance article writer, so I will need to be constantly connected to the internet, or a mobile network. It can be very difficult to find network coverage in the countryside unless you go somewhere that’s fully equipped and armed with the same connection the city has, which can be expensive, so you’d need to be rich to get all that installed.

Second, while I do love the beauty and aesthetics of the natural world, the weather can be a problem. If you don’t already know, I live in the UK, and the weather here is…well…it’s self-explanatory. After all, it’s raining for the most part, and you’ll probably get one week of sunshine and heat in the summer, and that’s as much sun as you’ll get here. So, being in a forest or by a river, let alone walking along the beach, is not ideal or fun. Give me the south of Spain any day, and I can sunbathe for as long as I want and take siestas in the afternoon!

Lastly, if I’m in farmlands, or it’s wet and there’s been a deluge, there is a certain smell that you can’t wash off unless you’re thorough. I’ve been to farms before, and let’s just say the smell there is unkind to anyone not used to it. I have a very sensitive nose, so I can’t really stand a lot of harsh smells. It’s a challenge for me, sometimes, when I go to an animal farm, just to be able to stand on their grounds without flinching at the smell. Of course, ideally, I’d go to a lake or a river, or a beach, because the smells there aren’t so bad. But if there’s been a storm, those places don’t always smell great either, because if there’s a flood, the muck that you’re left with can be unpleasant.

The City Never Sleeps

All right, so let’s get to the city and forget the troubles of the country. First off, I do like the hustle and bustle of the city, because you know that you’re not alone. Since a city is never safe, knowing that someone is still up, and moving about, can really help you feel that little bit of relief, from that overwhelming fear, that someone could jump through a window, rob your home, or even murder you in your sleep. Not only that, if you’re a night owl like me, knowing that someone is still up can really reassure you, when you’re not feeling all that safe. I mean, sometimes, I watch terrifying stuff (like paranormal shows…don’t laugh, it can be spooky sometimes), and quiet at night can really freak me out. So, knowing that people are still up and about can really help me forget that fear.

Another reason why I like the city is that there are always places you can go to, even when it’s early or late in the day. For example, if you’re on your way home, and it’s someone’s birthday, and you forgot to get them a present. You can always jump into a supermarket, or a convenience store, buy a bottle of wine, or a cake, as a present. Not to mention, if you’re working from home, and there’s something you need to get, from your office, you can easily jump on a train, bus, or taxi, and quickly get to where you need to go. You’d be lucky to find a bus or a train that arrives every five minutes, in the countryside, since there’s very little reason anyone would need it, since people mostly live where they work, or have a car.

Finally, the other reason why I like living in the city is the fact that you have everything here. You have parks, you have spas, leisure centres, shopping malls, restaurants, bars, theatres, art spaces and museum. Even in the countryside, you’d need to move into the town centre, to get whatever it is you need. You can’t just solely live off the land, you need human interaction too. Everything in the city is conveniently there. If you’re craving a cup of coffee, you can just walk to a nearby café. If you’re peckish, a convenience store, a grocer or even a restaurant. If you want to work out, there’s a gym right next door. Or, if you just want to hang out with your friends in the sunshine, a park is always open and free to sit in for a few hours.

You’re Never Really Safe In The City

I think you already get why I’m not so much a big fan of the city, and one of the reasons why is security. I’m constantly traumatised by the horror stories I read in the news, about a stabbing here, or a gunfight there. Granted, many of these crimes are nowhere near where I live, but every time I travel into the city, I’m always so conscious of the fact that I could get mugged, or I could get seriously injured, just for walking into the wrong place at the wrong time. Thankfully, I’ve not had that problem at all, but the fear is still there, and it’s very real. After all, you get those freak incidents that happen out of nowhere, and it’s scary to think that you could easily be a victim if you’re not careful (yeah, I’m a worrier, and I have some form of anxiety).

The other thing that really annoys me, living in a city, is the pollution. I used to take public transport everywhere I went, because I’m not a driver (that will all change this year, and hopefully I’ll be safe in my electric or hybrid car soon, so I won’t have to spend money on public transport), and because of that I felt filthy every time I went anywhere. So, if I’m going to a birthday party or a film shoot, and I’m all dressed up and pretty, that all goes downhill every time I take the bus or train, because I’m in a hot little space, full of smells, recycled air and with dozens of other people around me, either just as hot as I am or even worse. I sweat in those little boxes, and it’s unflattering, and if I’m wearing a nice dress, it’s ruined by sweat patches, and my makeup starts caking because I’m just that sweaty. It’s unpleasant and I absolutely hate it.

Not to mention, if I’m walking down a street, and I’m carrying equipment or heavy shopping, I’m bumping into people, and am getting constantly mowed down by others, who’re trying to get somewhere, or they’re on their phones, and I have no chance at taking my time, or walking at the pace I want to walk at. I like ambling, I’m not the kind of person who can power walk and stay dry. It’s especially worse when I’m dressed up for an interview, and I need to hurry to the office because there were major delays on my way. I get huge sweat patches on my back, and I need to keep my jacket on, so those sweat patches don’t show. It’s terrible.

You Choose, I Can’t

Ok, so I still can’t choose, and I’m sure there are more reasons to love and hate the countryside and the city, but I can’t think of them right now. So, I’m going to let you guys choose for me. Which do you prefer, and why? Do you live in the countryside, what do you do there? What do you love about it? Or are you a city person? What do you love about it? Let me know and help me decide!

Well, that’s it from me today, I’ll see you guys next time. For now, don’t forget to like, subscribe, and follow for more updates and the latest posts here on Feather’s Charm and my social media accounts. Oh, and share these posts with family and friends, who you’d think might enjoy these topics and tips! I’ll see you later!

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