Story Snips - The Last Stand

Updated: Apr 28

Hello Everyone!

It’s time again for another piece of creative writing. Now, I’m not too sure how this one’s going to go, since most of my creative writing efforts have gone into my novel, into film production, or writing new non-fiction blog posts for this blog. So, I’m a little rusty, when it comes to writing something new, but I’ll give it a shot! Here’s a piece I’d like to call…

The Last Stand

I came up with it after listening to a few soundtrack pieces that sounded like they could be in really epic films, with epic storylines, and I ended up being more inspired to write an epic piece, than something more mundane. I’ve no idea why I gravitate to these plots, but hey, here we go.

So, here’s your little snippet of a story. I didn’t want to go into too much detail, otherwise, I’d be making another novel, which isn’t something I need to