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Story Snips - The Last Stand

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Hello Everyone!


It’s time again for another piece of creative writing. Now, I’m not too sure how this one’s going to go, since most of my creative writing efforts have gone into my novel, into film production, or writing new non-fiction blog posts for this blog. So, I’m a little rusty, when it comes to writing something new, but I’ll give it a shot! Here’s a piece I’d like to call…

The Last Stand

I came up with it after listening to a few soundtrack pieces that sounded like they could be in really epic films, with epic storylines, and I ended up being more inspired to write an epic piece, than something more mundane. I’ve no idea why I gravitate to these plots, but hey, here we go.

So, here’s your little snippet of a story. I didn’t want to go into too much detail, otherwise, I’d be making another novel, which isn’t something I need to do right now since I’m still trying to finish the one, I’m working on now. Anyway, let’s get started. Are your swords ready everyone?


King Orion stared out at the fields of dead grass that surrounded the forbidding fortress. This is to be his last stand. There would be no other since everything that could be taken had already been taken. All he had left was the last vestiges of his army, those who remained loyal to him. He chuckled in self-loathing, remember how he ended up here in the first place.

He did everything he could to keep his people safe and protected, sending legion after legion to fight off the threat of the giants, but they just kept coming. In a moment of desperation, he took to the oracles and pleaded with them for a solution. As always, they were cryptic and their answers held no clue for him, but looking back now, they probably always meant what they said, since everything happened as they predicted, “When wolf and bear meet, the great shall rise and fall. The world shall know despair, and the terrible will rule the day. Only the strongest heart will fell these warriors of steel.”

Indeed, everything happened as they said it would. It only occurred to him, when he’d reminisced with his wife about their wedding. The crest he’d been so proud to bear was that of a wolf, howling at the moon. His wife’s, a bear rearing for an attack. It seemed so simple now. He’d always assumed the oracle’s words were literal. Never did he imagine his family’s crest would curse him like it did now.

The rest fell into place. His kingdom did rise, and now it fell. Those that led the giants’ attacks had taken hold of his lands and people. He had nothing left. Even his wife and children had been taken, but he knew their hearts wouldn’t be. He knew that somewhere, in the middle of his conquered lands, they were waiting for him. Disgraced as he was, he knew he still had their hearts, and that was all he needed to be reassured.

This last stand would determine whether or not he’d be able to take them back. He didn’t need his kingdom. He didn’t need wealth, prestige or fame. All he needed was his family, and live or die, he would get them back.

Taking one last deep breath, Orion turned to his men. There were fifty in total, and each one looked to him with resolve. There was no fear. They too knew the stakes were high, and they would be damned if they turned their backs on him now. Giving them one last nod of encouragement, he mounted the horse at his side. Night Shadow. He was a beloved steed, and he too was loyal to his master. Patting the black horse’s neck, he readied himself for the battle, unsheathing his sword, and locking his visor in place. Pausing for a moment, he breathed the dry and arid air, filling his lungs with as much as he could, until, with one final prayer to the heavens, he heaved a great war cry and charged towards the heavy gates.


Well? What do you guys think? Are you inspired to finish it off, or develop it into something more? Let me know! Send your stuff in, so we can all read it! I'm dying to see what you guys come up with!

That's it for now. I'll see you guys next time!

With love,

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