The Prince Of Egypt - Believe In Miracles

Hello Everyone!

Today I want to talk about a musical that’s very near and dear to my heart. I loved it as a child and I still love it as an adult, even today. As some of you know, I’m a devout Catholic, and any good portrayal of biblical stories move me, so much that I cry every time I watch them, and one of those stories is the story of Moses. Yes, today, I’m talking about…

The Prince Of Egypt – The Musical

No, I don’t mean the animated film itself, I’m talking about the actual stage production that was brought to the UK’s West End. I’m not sure if they have it on Broadway, although I’m fairly certain they had a version of it there, but I haven't heard anything about it. Anyway, I’ve managed to see this musical twice, and needless to say, I was teary both times…Ok, so I absolutely bawled my eyes out the first time, and then welled up the second time, but as I said, they’re about biblical stories, full of hope and encouragement! So, yes, I would cry!

Anyway, today, I’m going to break down what I actually think of the musical, as compared to the movie, and I know they both have their own artistic differences, licence or whatever, and I do like them both in their own way, but there are just some things that the movie has that the musical doesn’t, and I wish they’d kept those elements in the musical. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

The Story

Of course, we can’t start a review of a musical, without telling you what it’s about. So, here it is. If you’re familiar with the bible, you’re familiar with the story of Moses, and essentially, it’s a story about faith, miracles, liberation, and brotherhood. It’s about finding your roots and knowing what it means to be good. It’s a well-known and well-loved story because it’s the foundation on which two major religions are based, but if you don’t know it, here’s the breakdown.