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Updated: Jan 19

Hello Everyone!

Well, we’re back with a diary post today! This time, I’ll be talking about stress itself. I mean, I know I’ve talked a lot about anxiety and what to do to offset it, but stress itself, is not anxiety. It is its own emotion, and it affects everyone.

Ok, so, I’ll try not to get too technical and psychological, because it is a topic in psychology, and it is studied academically, but in this case, I wanted to make you aware that you’re not the only one who feels it. I do too, and I’m pretty sure your parents and friends feel it too.

Stress Feels Different For Everyone

Let’s start by looking at how I feel stress affects me. Now remember, I’m a woman, so I have delicate processes that could easily be affected if I overdo something. In my case, when I get stressed, yes, I get cranky and my temper is on a short fuse. So, if you talk to me, and I’m suddenly sharp with you, or you seem my expression turning sour, you’ll know that it’s mostly because I’m under a lot of stress.

The other marker that I’ve come to realise is related to stress, is the fact that I start to distract myself, intentionally. What I mean is that I start playing games on my phone, or I start watching videos on Facebook or TikTok (yeah…I’ve downloaded it recently, and I’m starting to get addicted to it, which isn’t that great). It’s not a healthy habit, because nothing does get done, and because I still live with my family, they tend to think of it as me being lazy and not actually doing anything productive that could benefit me.

Another “symptom” of stress, in my case is that I start to overthink things. Yes, I know, it’s a common thing, but it should still be addressed, because we always write it off as if it is something that you can easily overcome. In fact, it isn’t, especially now that everyone is in isolation from those who’ll be able to offer some advice or comfort when you do. In my case, my sort of thoughts aren’t negative, in fact they’re rather productive. Most of them tend towards creating new content for the projects I’m working on, but when I do start thinking about them, I realise a few minutes afterwards that these new ideas require either money, which I don’t have, and a big following, which again, I don’t have. So, I start stressing even more, because I don’t have enough hands or time or I now have too much on my plate to actually work on these new ideas, that I eventually start taking the distracted path.

Now, recently, I’ve found that I actually get insomnia when I’m really stressed. What happens is, I get to bed, and start to drift off, but every time I twitch I wake up again, and my thoughts either turn to making sure my family are safely asleep in their beds or towards what I have to do in the morning. I’m actually keeping an eye on my sleeping habits, and it is actually starting to get worse, because I have so much on my plate that when I do wake up the next day, instead of feeling refreshed or energised, I’m still tired and it feels like I only had an hour of sleep, the night before. Luckily, I’ve noticed it, and I’m slowly taking steps to make sure I have the right amount of sleep every night so that I do feel good in the morning.

Finally, yes, stress does affect my body’s systems. For those of you who aren’t women or are a little sensitive to the subject, this paragraph will be a little TMI. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED! You see, I noticed how delicate my systems are, because while I was working at the store (if you know me from WordPress, you’ll know I worked at a stationery store for a few years), particularly in the last two years, my cycle was all over the place. I’d be so worried if I skipped a few weeks. That’s right, it would take weeks for my cycle to start again, because of the immense amount of stress I had. It wasn’t so much I had to do heavy lifting, even though that was a factor, the real core of my stress was the long hours and the amount of rude and bad customers I had to deal with every day. I am not going to lie, the area I worked in was not a nice place to be, and because of that I was mostly depressed and exhausted, every time I came home from work. I couldn’t even be motivated to open up my laptop and try to write blog posts, let alone find another job.

Find Your Markers

Ok, so it’s all good and well if I start giving you advice about dealing with your own stress, but that wouldn’t be productive, because everyone deals with stress in their own way. Instead, I will tell you to find your markers. Examine your own behaviours and find out what your stress markers are. It could be that you start stress-buying, in which case your bank account cries every month, or you start criticising others, in which case they’ll start to call you a bully.

In any case, find your markers. Not only will it help you understand what to do when you start those behavioural habits, but it will also help guide that stress out of your life. When you find your markers, you should be able to understand what is stressing you, and if it is something you can get rid of, then do it. If not, then ask for help. It isn’t a crime to ask, and more often than not, people will be glad to help.

Stress Isn’t All Bad

Now, a lot of the time, we decide that being stressed isn’t a good thing. Well, yes, especially if it leads to negative emotions and negative behaviours, but it is a good motivator. Like I said, when I overthink, I tend to come up with new and inspiring ideas to create content for my projects. So, sometimes stress isn’t a bad thing, what you don’t need is being overly stressed. That’s when the negativity begins.

So, if you’re stressed, don’t always try to get rid of it. Sometimes it can energise you and give you the inspiration you need to continue working, just don’t overdo your plans, then that stress turns negative and that’s when you’ll need to cut back on your tasks or dispense with them altogether.

Relax And Breathe

There you go, my symptoms of stress and how I try to deal with them. Like I said, stress is different for everyone. Everyone has different thresholds, so when you see someone managing so many tasks at once, it’s because they have a high threshold. Don’t always assume that you’ll have the same threshold as they do. Find your markers and make sure that you know how to deal with them, so that do know where your threshold lies. Only then will you understand how to deal with your stress.

Well, that’s it from me today, I’ll see you guys next time. For now, don’t forget to like, subscribe and follow for more updates and the latest posts here on Feather’s Charm and on my social media accounts. Oh, and share these posts with family and friends, those who you’d think might enjoy these topics and tips! I’ll see you later!

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