Tidy Desks and Tidy Thoughts

Updated: Jan 15

Hello Everyone!

So, it’s time for another diary entry huh? This one’s less adventurous, because there are times when you just have to spend some time at home, to think about the things you’ve done recently. For example, I’ve been so caught up with my work at the shop, I forgot what it was like to simply go out for the fun of it.

Most of the time, I leave the house because I have an agenda, like I need to get this for this project, or I’m meeting someone to talk about that film, or I’m obliged to go out, because this person needs me to help them. It’s always about this, that and the other, and I’ve never really gone out by myself, for myself. That’s why, every now and then, you’ll find a little gem, where I’ve decided to travel somewhere, because I felt like it.

Of course, I couldn’t have come up with this thought, without reorganising my desk, and tidying up what was essentially a mess. Seriously, I’ve been working on a foldout desk because I had (and I still have) a lot of clutter that took up desk space.