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Top 5 Nail Tips For The Perfect Manicure

Hello Everyone!

Today I’ve got something special for you! I have tips on how to keep your manicures looking perfect! Yes, I know, there are thousands of tips out there that will help you keep the perfect manicure. And it ranges everything from eating a healthy and balanced diet to wearing branded nail polish and using expensive nail care tools.

Of course, I’m not sponsored by anyone, but if I do suggest certain brands, salons, and products, it’s because I’ve used them before, and I absolutely love them! So, here are my top 5 nail tips (see what I did there?) for the perfect manicure.

1. Use Cuticle Oil

One of the most overlooked parts of our hands is our cuticles. If you don’t know what that is, it’s the part of your nails where the skin overlaps the nail. For the most part, we all tend to forget about this and just let our cuticles grow out, but this can lead to problems later, especially, in winter when it’s cold, and our skin dries out very quickly.

That’s why it’s important to take care of them and make sure they don’t dry out, and one of the best ways to do this is by using cuticle oil. You can find these oils nearly anywhere, from your local supermarket to professional nail salons. Cuticle oils make sure your cuticles don’t dry out, even in the winter.

They help you maintain them so that when the time comes for your next manicure, your nails won’t be surrounded by wounds and dried skin. They’ll be ready for any polish you put on. Just remember to use them at least once a day, to ensure your cuticles are primed and ready for any weather.

2. Use Hand Cream

I’ve mentioned this in a post before, and I’ll say it again, hand cream is a godsend! If you’re like me, and your hands are naturally dry, it can be painful in the winter, when the cold makes them even drier. So, getting manicures can be a rather painful process, especially if you pick at your skin (I know that I used to do it all the time).

However, after being introduced to hand creams, I no longer pick at my skin! I use them every time I wash my hands, especially in the winter, since handwashes can dry out the skin, especially if they don’t have any moisturising properties. So, it’s always best to have a small tube of hand cream in your bag, so that your hands won’t dry out, even in the harsh winter.

If you’d like to know what my favourite hand creams are, check out my previous post. Try them out for yourselves and see which hand cream you prefer. Or if you have any that you can recommend, let me know, and I’ll give them a go!

3. Use Strengthening Nail Polish

I don’t mean use just any nail polish; I mean use nail polish that helps strengthens or protects your nails, especially if they’re prone to breakage, brittle, or easily chipped. Of course, do your research before you do buy these nail polishes because some regular nail polishes can disguise themselves as strengthening or protective nail polish.

And I can guarantee you, although they may seem to work for a time, the polish either degrades quickly (meaning the strengthening quality doesn’t last very long) or like your nails themselves, they can chip off very easily.

So, do your research, make sure you know what ingredients or chemicals are needed in the polish, to ensure your nails stay healthy and strong, and make sure they’re present in the polish itself. It’s no good just buying the ones at your local drugstore and praying for the best.

4. File Your Nails – Don’t Cut Them

That’s right! Filing your nails helps keep them healthier than just cutting your nails. It helps prevent them from chipping, and it’ll help keep the shape you want! After all, even if you do cut your nails, you may find sharp edges to them, so you’ll need to file them anyway. Of course, you can still cut your nails, but make sure you leave enough room to file them as well so that you won’t have those sharp edges to your nails, and it’ll prevent them from chipping later down the line.

It also helps if you file them once a week, just to ensure the nails themselves remain strong, even after you grow them out. This will help make sure that, as your nail grows, you won’t snag them accidentally against something and cause it to chip. And if you were wondering, the best kind of nail file to use is a glass nail file. It’s gentle on the edges, and it won’t cause too much friction, which in turn can cause the nails to become weaker.

Oh, and one more thing, remember to file your nails in one direction. Don’t go back and forth over the nail, because this then causes more friction. Filing in one direction will help reduce this, thereby (using fancy words I know!) reducing the breakage to your nails.

5. Buff The Nails

Similar to filing your nails, buffing them can help them grow, and even help with polish application. Essentially, what buffing does is remove ridges on your nail beds, remove jagged edges to your nails, and can even promote growth, thanks to the increased blood circulation to the nail bed.

You’ll usually get buffers in different shapes and sizes, from those motorised electric buffers that the salons use to emery boards or buffing blocks. They all do the same thing, and buff your nail beds, to make them smooth and ready for polish application. Of course, some buffers can actually make the nail bed so smooth, you may not even need the nail polish at all!

A word of warning though, if you do buff your nails, like filing your nails, you should do this in one direction. If you buff too fast, too quickly, you could buff away too much of the nail, and weaken the nail bed itself, which in turn will cause chipping and cracks.

Take Good Care Of Your Nails!

Now you know what it takes to keep your manicure looking perfect, start putting it into practice! I know I do. Of course, I also like visiting nail salons and getting extensions. There’s something about long nails that give me the confidence (and yes, admittedly some of the arrogance) of those rich ladies, prancing around with their designer bags. However, if you’re like me, and you love having these extensions, remember to give your nails a break every now and then.

While your nails may feel stronger, thanks to the extensions and powder, once they’re taken off, your nails will feel much weaker. So, give them some time to recover and let them grow on their own. You’ll soon find that you won’t need extensions and that you can keep your nails just as long as when you did because they’ve been well looked after.

Well, that’s it from me today. I’ll see you guys next time! And don’t forget to like, subscribe, follow, and share for more updates and the latest posts, here on Feather’s Charm, on my YouTube Channel and on my social media! Until then, I’ll see you later!

With love,

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