Watch A K-Drama With Me

Updated: Aug 21

Hello Everyone!

I’ve mentioned this before, as one of my Charmer Awards feature, but I wanted to talk a little more about it because if you’re like me, and you love Asian dramas, you’re going to love Viki. Now, there are a few variations to its name, like “Rakuten Viki”, or whatever, but because I have the app, I just call it Viki.

Anyway, I’m talking about it today, because I feel like I need to talk to all my fellow Asian Drama fans out there! If you know who you are, I suggest you check out my blog post in the Fandom Life section, you’ll know it because of the flame on the cover photos, or just click the link below.

Goblin: The Lonely And Shining God – Reapers And Goblins

Don’t worry, it’s not a standalone post. I’m determined to make a series out of it, because there’s so much to talk about, regarding that drama, and I just didn’t want to make an essay of it. So, keep an eye out on my Fandom Section, if you want to see the theories that I come up with.