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Why Is Hand Cream An Everyday Must?

Updated: Jan 23

Hello Everyone!

Today, I’m going to be raving about one of my favourite products, to date. You’ve probably guessed by the title, but I’ll say it again…


Of course, they smell good, and sure, you can probably switch them out with a good body butter or body lotion, but nothing beats a targeted hand cream, especially in the winter or if you’re working with your hands a lot. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve gone out of my house and cursed myself for not taking hand cream with me and trying to scrounge around for free hand cream! But enough about me raving on about it, let’s get to the reasons why hand cream is good for you, and which ones I recommend!

They Moisturise

Hear me out! Yes, any other kind of lotion or cream can help with moisturising your hands, but you need to remember that the palms and the tips of your fingers will be thicker than regular skin, so regular moisturisers and lotions might not work. Also, the backs of your hands have thinner and more delicate skin, so you’ll need a lotion to balance out both. Now, regular body lotions or body butters might have that balancing formula, but that’s only if you’re really looking for it.

That’s why using targeted hand creams work wonders. As the British Corner Shop explains, the formula for hand creams is rich in moisture-binding ingredients and is better at penetrating the skin to lock in that moisture. So, your palms can remain soft and supple, while the backs of your hands will be protected, even after working in harsh conditions. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to wash my hands in the cold (I live in the UK) and have needed a good hand cream to keep my palms from drying out!

UV Protection and Anti-Ageing Effects

When you’re on vacation, what do you pack in your bags, as part of your toiletries? Chances are, you’ll take both body lotion and sunscreen, right? Why’s that? Well, because body lotions don’t usually have SPF factors. So, you'll need the extra boost from a sunscreen to help protect you from those harsh UV rays. This is also why hand creams, especially those with SPF factors are so beneficial to your hands. They not only moisturise, but they protect your hands and keep them from ageing.

Think about it this way, your hands are one of the first parts of your body to get wrinkles and age. Why? It’s because, like your face, they’re exposed to the sun more than the rest of your body. This is because the sun’s UV rays can cause damaged skin, which then leads to wrinkles, brown spots, pigment irregularity and even broken capillaries and red blotches (BetterHealth). So, using hand creams with SPF factors can actually protect you from those UV rays and in effect ageing prematurely.

Hygienic And Protects Against Infections

I actually only just recently found out, thanks to NABILA K, but hand creams are actually very hygienic because they have antibacterial properties within them. So, your hands will remain protected from most pathogens that are present in the air. I’m going to share a secret with you, about this...I actually used to pick and bite at the little dry growths of skin that hung around near my nails before I started using hand cream, and it damaged not only the skin around them but the nails themselves. I used to have wounds and sensitive skin lining them, so much so that my nails now grow out at different rates in different places, and they’re no longer equal. Not only that but those wounds would get infected that they’d take weeks to heal.

Now, however, ever since I started to use hand creams, both at night and during the day, I no longer have that problem! Of course, my nails still grow at different rates and are most likely permanently damaged from the years of picking and biting, but I no longer have those wounds or those dry pieces of skin that used to hang around. By using hand cream, I’ve eliminated the dryness that causes those growths, and if I should have a wound on my hand (like from a papercut, or if I've scraped it against something), I won’t have to worry about infections, because the cream I use will act as a barrier against them.

What Are My Go-Tos?

Now, before I tell you what my go-to hand creams are, remember that I’ve only recently paid attention to what I’m using, and where I’m getting them from. So, for now, I don’t have too many recommendations, but I can tell you, out of the creams I’ve used so far, these ones are my absolute faves!

The Day Cream

Champneys Softening Hand Cream


Available at Boots & Champneys

This is my absolute favourite hand cream for my everyday routine! Not only does it have an SPF 15, but it also smells amazing! And it’s cruelty-free! So, don’t worry, they don’t test on animals. Of course, if you’re all about the vegan lifestyle, don’t worry, they’ve also got you guys covered too! Now, I’m not a vegan, nor do I want that lifestyle…yet, it’s good to know that if I do turn vegan, I know who to go to, for all my bath and body needs.

The Night Cream

Sanctuary Spa Hand Cream


Available at Boots, Superdrug Amazon (£3.99) & Sanctuary Spa

I have been in love with this brand ever since I started using their body scrubs (don’t worry, I’ll get to those later), and when I hesitantly started using their hand cream, I soon became obsessed! Now, it’s my nightly go-to, just before I sleep! I highly recommend using their hand cream at night, to help restore and revive your hands. Not only that, but like Champneys, they’re both cruelty-free and vegan…mostly. Some of their products still use Xantham Gum and/or beeswax, but they’re working on it! Luckily, their hand cream uses neither, so you’re good to go!

What Are Your Favourites?

So, I’ve shown you mine, now show me yours! Do you use hand creams? Which ones do you prefer? Are you a luxury kind of person, or will just any hand cream do for you? Let me know! I’m curious, and maybe I’ll give them a go, and who knows, I may end up recommending your brand instead!

Well, that’s it from me today. I’ll see you guys next time! And as always, don’t forget to like, subscribe, comment, share and follow me for more updates and the latest posts here on Feather’s Charm and on my social media! Oh, and please share this with all your family and friends, who might be interested in my content! I’ll see you later!

With Love,

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