Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the Charm Shop! If you're here, then you're up for buying handmade crochet, knitted and sewn works. I'm so glad you've decided to help me out as a crafter. For the most part, it's items that are inspired by other pieces I'd found online. Some are my own original works, and others are made by a few good friends of mine, who'd like to share their own works themselves. So, please, I encourage you to buy these items, and when you do, remember that they're all handmade products, with their own quirks and imperfections, so you won't find them anywhere else. But, please be kind. Once you place your order, please be patient with us. We don't maket these times before-hand, because, well, who wants dozens of Jolteons lying about their homes? So, please exercise patience, and we'll get your orders to you as soon as we can.

Otherwise, enjoy browsing, and I hope to see your orders soon!

With love,

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