¡Hola Todos!

If you love Spain and all things Spanish, then you'll love this section. Whilst I might not post up much about the culture (I may do every now and then, just to break up the language sessions), I will be posting up articles on how to read, write and speak in Spanish.


Of course, as a non-native myself, and as it's not my mother tongue, I can't pronounce the words as well as those who actually speak Spanish. So, you'll have to learn that from someone who does. 

However, if you want to learn how to read and write in Spanish, then check out The Basics series, where I tell you how each letter looks, what accents are and how to say those irregular letters you find every now and then. They're basically the first three posts I've written on the Spanish language.

So, what are you waiting for? ¡Vamonos!

Phrase/Word Of The Month

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Hola, Disculpe...

There are so many things to remember about the Spanish language, so every month, I'll let you guys revise and remember the lessons we've learned before. So, make sure you're keeping up with these lessons. After all, I'm not setting exams, but it'll help when you become more advanced. It's always a good idea to sometimes review the basics.

Article Of The Month:

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The Spanish Archives

I know how hard it is to remember the lessons you've been taught, and even I have to try and find these old posts, to remind me of what I'd written before, so here they are!


Join me in revising for the next lesson! Just click the link below, to take you to the Spanish archives.

El Diccionario

¡Hola todos! Welcome back to Spain! Ok, so it's difficult to remember all the phrases and words that you need to use, when speaking in Spanish, let alone remember what each word means. So, I've compiled a Dictionary Corner for you. That way, you can remember all the phrases and words I've featured before. Have fun browsing!

Hasta luego!

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