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There will be days where my mind is flowing with ideas for new stories, and I'll have written them down somewhere, because I am so inspired, I'd probably want to use them for something big, like a novel or a film. So, there will be snippets, scenes, scripts and maybe a short story or two, popping up once in a while. It's mostly for fellow readers, writers and maybe if you're a publisher, who knows, you might want to pick up my ideas.

Of course, this is an open website, at least as open as I can make it, and I don't want to be the only voice here. You guys can submit your own fiction stories, and who knows your great ideas could be made into something like a film or TV series, or even a game.

So, if you're tired of looking up crafts ideas, why not look for something to read instead.

It's Prompt Time

I dare you to write a story about this one!

Everything seemed to be on fire, but that's wrong. Nothing really was, it was just the way the sun came through the orange and red leaves of the forest, blinding me as I climbed further up the hill in front of me.

Fall Foliage

Once Upon A Time

There was a woman who wanted to share her stories, and the stories that others have told her. It wasn't very hard to do, but there are some stories that touched her heart, and this space is where they end up. So if you think your story deserves to be heard, send them to me and see if they end up here!

Story Of The Month

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