Image by Dariusz Sankowski

Hello Everyone!

This section is dedicated to all my rants, raves and advice that I've learned over the years. If you've been with me since the beginning, you'll know that I originally started on Blogger, then I moved to WordPress, but now, I'm with Wix. Let's rewind to when I was with Blogger. Initially, I would post up whenever I was feeling angry, sad, excited, happy and whenever I really felt like it. Then I decided I wanted a little more structure to what I was posting. Back then, I posted about whatever I wanted to talk about. So, I joined WordPress, and Feather's Charm really took off, but it wasn't enough. I felt a little too restricted by WordPress back in the day, so I decided to try out Wix, and so far, it hasn't disappointed me. 

Now, while Feather's Charm has evolved and expanded, there is an element of the old "Updates Abducted Whatnots" blog (yes, that's what it was called back then, and I cringe to this very day that I chose that name), and that's in the form of this A Day In The Life section. While, a little more structured, this section is dedicated to all my rants, raves, and advice, because there is something cathartic about writing down whatever it is you feel like writing, on that particular day. So, here we are!

Now, if you're looking for my tips and tricks to life, head on over to The Memory Safe, where I will keep all my past tips and tricks, and pieces of advice, inspired by my everyday life, as well as a little something extra. It's not much but hey, if you're inspired to grab your goals in life, then I've done my job!