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Welcome To The Dressing Room!

If you're here, then you're a filmmaker just like me! Don't worry, there are lots that even I need to learn, so let's learn together! In the meantime, why don't you check out my latest post on film and film production? It's an interesting read! 

The Beauty Of Palettes

Find out which makeup palettes and fashion pieces I am absolutely in love with now!

Relax With Me

The best kinds of days are spa days! Find out my tips for self-care and how to relax at home!

Breathe In And Eat

Sometimes all you need is good food and where can you get them? Come with me, I'll show you!

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My Latest Obsession!

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I absolutely love Jade Rollers! It not only massages my face but also helps with blood circulation and absorption of my skincare products into my skin. Of course, it's even more effective if one side has ridges and if you press down a little harder than normal, to help really get that deep tissue massage on your face!


The trick to using these rollers is to roll them away from the middle of your face and downwards. Use them on your neck as well to also promote blood circulation there as well (you don't want to get premature wrinkles there either! 

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Skincare products

What's On Trend?

It's springtime, so make sure your skin is glowing with a natural makeup look! Brighten your eyes with pinks, oranges, corals and all things red, brown or nude. Gloss up your lips and make them shine. You'll start looking and feeling fresh, just like the springtime breeze. Pair your makeup look with a comfortable denim jacket and a printed top! The noughties are back baby!

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