Film Set

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the Editor's Bin! Here you'll find all my previous featured posts, for this "Film Something" section. So, you can look back at what I've spoken about before, especially when I've started to take a deeper look into the film industry and film theory. For those of you who are film students, please don't forget to reference these posts accordingly, because I know how difficult it is to paraphrase and say what you want to say in your own words, because other writers have said it the same way, or the way you wanted to, so be careful when you use my posts to explain your points.

Anyway, for those of you who just want to look for a few tips to improve your filming technique, then head over to The Studio, because you'll find all my filming tips there, and don't worry, it won't just be words on a page. You'll actually find all my filming tips as text images. What this means is they are words in front of an image, so you can save them on your phone, and find the right one easily, because of the bright colours!