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The Fandom Life...


There are so many iterations of that line I can choose from, because I am one of the many, who've found themselves stuck in the cycle of "I've finished this season, what else is there?". From Labyrinth to The 100 I have witnessed the wars and the parties. I've lived the heartaches and the joy. I've been that character and their friend, only to come back to my ordinary life, once the story has come to an end.

So, you say I'm crazy, the better word is passionate. Obsession? No, a lifestyle. You don't have to stan or find the minute detail, all you really need is to like and appreciate the works of art that create such fandoms, and soon you'll find yourself in.

My friends, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the fandom life, the life that gripped you tight and raised you from perdition. The life that has eliminated the impossible, proving that whatever remains, however improbable, is the truth. The life that grabbed your hand and whispered "Run" to you.

Quote of the Month

"People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day."

- Pooh Bear

~ Winnie The Pooh ~

By A. A. Milne

Monthly Featured Fan Art

I found this on DeviantArt, you can find it at this link:


I really liked this, out of the others, only because it highlights the different characters of the Sherlock, Supernatural and Doctor Who villains. They might have different approaches, but essentially they have the same agendas "rule the world, so you can make it better".

I also like the colour schemes. It makes sense, because they correspond with their character.

So Get This...

After all this time, there's always something new I discover rewatching a series or film, or reading the story again. Sometimes, it's actually something new, and I'm pretty excited about it. So, get ready for some tears and screaming, because it can mean something very good or something very bad, in which case, get the ice cream ready!

Article Of The Month