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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to The Knitting Room! So, if you're here, then you're looking for the elements of a crochet, knitting or sewing pattern that you don't understand. Don't worry, you'll find them here, without the fuss of a whole post that features these elements, like a chain, purl stitch, etc, and if you're worried I'm going to give you a full video tutorial with so many announcements, don't worry, you'll find picture versions here and looped videos of those tutorials, so you don't have to skip me talking about what those stitches are and where to find them.

Now, before you move on, let me tell you what this page has. First, you'll have my little tips and tricks text images. If you've navigated my Film Something section, you'll find a gallery full of text images that contain tips on how to film. That's what you're gonna get here too. So, that's the first section. The second is dedicated to the abbreviations, and once I start filming my tutorials, you'll see the looped videos in the last section, along with the picture tutorials that accompanies the main blog posts, on Feather's Charm, so you can take a look at it without my waffling paragraphs.

That's it! Now, if you're after the posts themselves, then head on over to The Yarn Box, to read the full descriptions of these stitches or patterns that I think you guys could make! You'll find all my past crochet and knitting posts there. If you're after the patterns themselves, or you want to work on an easy project, then check out The Pattern Files, because you'll find all my patterns, both on my posts, or ones that I think you guys would like to make, there. 

Knit Tips and Crochet Tricks

Abbreviations Dictionary

Hello everyone! I just want to say one more thing, before you go and check these abbreviations. Basically, if you don't see any stitches you've encountered in other patterns here, that's only because I'm adding abbreviations as I add a new post, every month. So, while it's looking bare at the moment, I promise you, as we keep going, you'll find more and more abbreviations here.