By the Shrine

​여려분 안녕하세요!

Welcome to the Korean Archives! or should I say 한영합니다! So, if you're like me, and you need a little reminder of what you've learned so far, you've come to the right place my friend! Check out my past posts on 한굴 and all things Korean (once we get into the cultural side of things). It's always a good idea to revise and remember what you've learned so far, especially with languages, because sometimes, you forget the lessons you've learned and when you look back, you'll realise the mistakes you've been making, and remember to use the right grammar and sentence structures.

Now, if you're looking for specific words or phrases, then head on over to the Dictionary Space, because you'll find all the phrases and words, I've used so far, listed there. Of course, there will also be a few extra ones, because I've been using Duolingo to help, so you'll find the words and phrases I've learned from that app there too! Just click the link below!

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